NATS is one of the world leaders in air traffic management providing air traffic control services for aircraft flying in UK airspace and the Eastern part of the North Atlantic.

NATS has had a major influence on the development of the UK aviation industry and as a result has created a proven range of products and services that have improved the performance of our clients worldwide and given them a distinct commercial advantage. These products and services are offered through a clear set of service lines, all underpinned by the NATS brand and its associated expertise of delivering performance through innovation.

Air traffic control and airport optimisation services

Our experience enables us to look at innovative ways to deliver safer and more efficient products and services to help clients manage every aspect of air traffic. Our service lines include:

  • Airports: innovative ATC and airport optimisation services
  • Airspace: safe and efficient en-route services
  • Consultancy: a window to the range of services and capabilities we can offer
  • Defence: joint and integrated civil and military air traffic control services
  • Engineering: efficient delivery of technology and infrastructure projects
  • Information: helping move from people-based to data-based operations

Airport services for efficient and safe air traffic control

NATS Airports provides innovative services to increase the efficiency and safety of ATC and airport operations in the UK and overseas. The capabilities include:

NATS has a proven range of products and services for the aviation industry.
NATS consultancy enables the ATC community to find innovative ways to solve specific operational and technical challenges.
NATS’ airport technology capabilities include configuration and optimisation of COTS products, communication, navigation aids and surveillance.
  • Tower, approach and met services: consultancy, project management, full ATC service and provision of air traffic controllers
  • Training: ATCO, safety and team resource management
  • New tower technology: tower Automation, met automation, combined approach, remote towers and contingency facilities
  • Airside services: stand planning and operational procedures

En route services for improving flight efficiency

NATS Airspace offers airlines a range of safe, efficient and innovative en route services in the UK and internationally. It is one of the leading players in the drive to improve flight efficiency. NATS’ investment in a number of innovative systems and products can help deliver major benefits to clients, including:

  • En route ATC
  • ATC management systems: design / installation
  • Airspace design
  • Safety tools and systems such as AWARE
  • En route controller tools

ATC community consultancy

NATS consultancy is currently active in the global market, mostly relating to airspace development and capacity improvement projects where our expertise is universally recognised. It enables the ATC community to find innovative ways to solve specific operational and technical challenges and meet their objectives. The consultancy offers:

  • Environmental reporting
  • Capacity planning and studies
  • Airspace design
  • Capacity studies
  • Strategy and business planning
  • Technology and project consultancy
  • Safety management
  • Wind farms
  • Training

Tower systems, airport technology and ATC maintenance

NATS engineering ensures all your technology and infrastructure projects are delivered to provide maximum operational benefits. Over many years of dealing with UK contracts, NATS has built a deep working knowledge of the unregulated ATC market. This has been forged in all types of airports, including Heathrow and Gatwick, which are some of the busiest and most constrained airspaces in the world. Our engineering capabilities include:

  • Tower systems: turnkey projects and customer advisers
  • Control centre systems, including: operational change management, safety and human factors and operational systems optimisation
  • Airport technology, including: configuration and optimisation of COTS products, communication, navigation aids and surveillance
  • Maintenance of ATC equipment, including: communications, navigation and tower
  • Maintenance of other airport technology, including: airfield ground lighting, security and stand docking systems

Data-based operations and experts for an ideal outsourcing provider

NATS information provides the cutting-edge services needed to keep pace with legislation in the move from a people-based business to data-based operations. With proven data systems and expert people in place NATS is an ideal outsourcing provider. Our range of services include:

  • First brief: innovative briefing system
  • Safety tracking and reporting database (STAR)
  • Surveillance data, such as AFPEX pre-flight planning
  • Procedure design
  • Cartography
  • Aeronautical information management (AIM) services

NATS new service lines have been designed to offer individual services that are more focused on the industry’s needs. They are backed by NATS’ unparalleled experience in all aspects of air traffic and together form a comprehensive resource offering innovative and proven solutions.