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Total Solutions for Airfield Lighting Equipment and Systems

YOUYANG Airport Lighting Equipment is a leading company in the field of airfield lighting (AFL) equipment. We manufacture and supply total solutions and systems based on ICAO, IEC, FAA, MAK and KS.

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YOUYANG Airport Lighting Equipment is a leading company in the field of airfield lighting (AFL) equipment. We manufacture and supply total solutions and systems based on ICAO, IEC, FAA, MAK and KS.

YOUYANG’s total solution helps airports to operate efficiently, incorporating our range of halogen and LED AFL, including power distribution equipment, and control and monitoring systems. A number of airports, both in the Korean and worldwide markets, make the most of our total solution, which incorporates leading-edge technology and quick maintenance support.

LED airfield and heliport lighting

YOUYANG has developed a full line of AFL to LED technology, which covers runway approach, runway centreline / edge / touch-down zone / stop bar, taxiway centreline / edge, guard lights and guidance signs as LED type. Our LED AFL offers lower power consumption and a prolonged lifetime, which can make airports operate more efficiently and economically. All of the lights are ready to use in any heliport.

LED portable lighting

Our portable lights (PLS) have been developed for emergency situations concerning AFL not working properly and airports not equipped with appropriate AFL. LED PLS can be worked by battery power, charged by commercial power, controlled by a remote-controller within 3km and stored in a trailer, offering easy accessibility and convenience to users.

Approach light installed on site.
CCR2 - digital type.
EHA-LED (approach light).
EHB-LED (runway edge light).
Individual lighting control and monitoring system.
Master control unit.

We also offer cable connection portable lights with CCR and cables for quick installation and emergency usage by economic lighting systems with trailers.

Power distribution equipment

YOUYANG’s constant current regulator (CCR) is available in both analogue and digital formats, as well as with isolating transformer and connector kits, which comply with ICAO, IEC and FAA regulations. Our CCR was developed and designed to give accuracy and reliability in accordance with specific airport requirements.

Airport lighting control and monitoring systems

Depending on the particular airport, YOUYANG will install the optimum and most convenient airport lighting control and monitoring systems (ALCMS). Based on the PLC and interface panel, the system is reinforced for safety and reliability. It is connected with fibre-optic cables and the graphic user interface appears as a touch-screen monitor.

With our ALCMS, we can give you the best individual lighting control and monitoring system (ILCMS) solution.

Advanced surface movement guidance and control systems

Through combining our experienced lighting systems and intelligent ALCMS, we reach a high level of advanced surface movement guidance and control systems (A-SMGCS). We can satisfy any airport’s expectations through the integration of AWOS, ADS-B, ATM, FIDS, MLAT, radar, moving car, camera, A-VDGS and A-CDM with SCADA services.

Worldwide supply chain

YOUYANG is based in Korea and has subsidiaries in India, China and the US. We have 63 agencies supporting the best after-sales service to each customer, as well as promoting YOUYANG’s high-quality products.

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738-2, Kwanyang-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si
South Korea

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