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Transoft Solutions provides innovative software and services for use throughout airport and airspace industries.

Applications include enhancing check-in, aircraft parking and terminal airspace processes, designing ground markings and analysing runway capacity, as well as complex air traffic evaluations and obstacle limitation reports.

AirTOP – Airport and airspace modelling

AirTOP is an advanced modelling platform that allows airspace, airside and passenger terminal facilities to be assessed and improved. The modular software features scenario editing, simulation and reporting for airspace and airport environments with a single sophisticated interface, interactive 2D maps and 3D views.

It features the WIZer module, which allows area control centres (ACCs) and airports to connect to live data streams and presents short-term forecasts of air traffic complexity, controller workload and performance indicators. WIZer offers real-time ‘what if’ analysis functions that provide demand capacity balancing for both airports and airspace.

AviPLAN – Airside planning, design and operations software

AviPLAN offers renowned market-leading technology, with a unique set of features designed to meet challenges faced by airside planning, design and operations professionals.

The solution allows airport to analyse aircraft and support vehicle movements across aprons and taxiways, as well as plan complex docking scenarios that involve multiple passenger boarding ‘lead-in-line’ aircraft combinations. Jet blast impacts and safety clearances can be assessed along with simulations of complex pushback manoeuvres.

ArcPORT – Comprehensive and powerful terminal simulation

ArcPORT comprises advanced simulation and evaluation features designed for airport terminal processes and systems. The software allows users to analyse and visualise passenger, aircraft, vehicle, baggage and cargo flows throughout the airport’s infrastructure in fast time.

This ensures constraints, modifications and expansion requirements can be evaluated along with other ‘what if’ scenarios for informed stakeholder decisions.

SkySAFE – The optimum tool for obstacle clearance compliance

SkySAFE is designed to assist planners and operators with the protection of airport departure and approach paths. The software creates obstacle limitation surfaces and free zones, analysing the impact of any identified obstacle or terrain on the area.

Surfaces can be displayed in a 2D or 3D computer-aided design (CAD) environment based on standards published by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or other national agencies. The output can be easily integrated into airport layout plans, certification documentation and obstacle maps.

AeroSTRIPE – Intelligent airside marking design software

AeroSTRIPE’s range of features is designed to improve the way you manage your airside marking projects. AeroSTRIPE aids with the design of runways, taxiways and aprons using its impressive libraries of both ICAO and FAA markings, standard road text-markings and symbols pre-drawn to the correct size and shape.

The software enables you to draw complex markings quickly and accurately to achieve the required results using a single feature, avoiding the need to use multiple separate, disassociated CAD entities such as markings with black outlines. You can create and edit markings with ease and ensure you work within the permitted minimum and maximum standards.

Aircraft Data Viewer – Electronic database with easy access to aircraft specifications

Aircraft Data Viewer provides accurate up-to-date aircraft specifications, which is essential for all aviation professionals.

Searching for specifications manually can be time consuming, uncertain and not always successful. Our system provides a solution to these problems through a Windows application that stores information on more than 550 different aircraft and helicopters in a user-friendly format with graphics and data tables.

Pokhara Regional International Airport (PRIA)

The Pokhara Regional International Airport is under construction in Kaski District, Nepal and will replace the existing Pokhara Airport, which was commissioned in July 1958.

Orlando Airport South Terminal Complex Project, Florida

Orlando International Airport, the second busiest airport in Florida, US, with an annual passenger capacity of 38.8 million, is about to launch a major development project to handle increasing passenger numbers.

Montreal-Pierre Airport Expansion, Quebec

Aeroports de Montreal (ADM), the company responsible for the management, operation and development of the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport in Canada, officially opened the expanded international terminal area at the airport in May 2016.

Curacao International Airport Terminal Expansion

Located a few miles from Willemstad, the capital City of Curacao Island, in the southern Caribbean Sea, Curacao International Airport is one of the main airports in the Caribbean and an important passenger and cargo hub for the Southern Caribbean region.

Transoft Solutions at ACI Africa

On the 16-18 October 2017 in Port Louis, Mauritius, Transoft Solutions will be attending the 27th ACI Africa / World Annual General Assembly Conference and Exhibition.

Transoft Solutions at Inter Airport Europe

From the 10-13 of October 2017 in Munich, Germany, Transoft Solutions will be attending Inter Airport Europe. Come by and discuss what our range of Aviation software could do for you, see a product demonstration or just come by and say hi.

Transoft Solutions Completes Acquisition of Simtra AeroTech

Transoft Solutions Inc announced today that it has acquired Simtra AeroTech AB, a leading supplier of software for airport and road designers. Both companies are pioneers in the transportation industry with CAD based software solutions such as AutoTURN and AeroTURN (Transoft Solutions) and PathPlanner (Simtra). Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Transoft Solutions Introduces New 3D Capabilities to the AeroTURN Software Suite

Transoft Solutions, developers of productivity enhancing software for the transportation engineering community, has just announced the release of a new 3D version product line for the AeroTURN software suite. Both AeroTURN and AeroTURN Pro will see the latest development in three dimensional technologies for airport planning and design in addition to improvements to their regular 2D software versions.

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