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Software to Optimise Airport and Airspace Operations

Transoft Solutions is a global company offering state-of-the-art software and services for the aviation industry.


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Aircraft manoeuvre and parking stand simulation and visualisation

The preferred choice of airport designers, planners, and operators around the world, AviPLAN® is the complete CAD software solution for safe and accurate airside planning and design. Whether considering near-term scenarios or master planning, AviPLAN lets users plan with confidence. Use it to revise apron layouts, develop complex stands with multiple boarding bridges, design taxiways and fillets, and generate detailed nose-gear or cockpit ground markings.

Terminal-to-terminal fast-time modelling and simulation

AirTOP® airport and airspace simulation software is a comprehensive suite of tools to model, simulate, and visualise airport and air traffic operations in fast time. It also allows organisations to study the implications of infrastructural or operational changes before investing in costly and time-consuming construction projects or altering procedures.

Focus set one stand with AeroCENTRAL Stand Guide.
Airplane comparison view with AeroCENTRAL Specifications.
Optimise En Route Airspace Structure with AirTOP.
AirTOP TMA/TRACON Airspace Modelling and Simulation.
Apron Markings with AeroSTRIPE.
Runway markings with AeroSTRIPE.
AviPLAN Reconfiguration of Terminal Stands.
SkySAFE Surface View.
SkySAFE 3D Airport OSP.
AviPLAN Single Engine Jet Blast.

Use AirTOP to measure and improve terminal, airside, or airspace capacity, pinpoint delays, determine the impact of revised flight schedules, simulate new operational procedures, assess air traffic controller workload, and more. Choose to assess individual aspects of airport and airspace operations or run complete gate-to-gate, or terminal-to-terminal analyses. The software runs hours of procedures in minutes, so users can quickly assess the outcomes of different scenarios and confidently make decisions that translate into safe, efficient, and cost-effective operations.

Airside planning and operations

AeroCENTRAL™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for sharing key airside infrastructural and operational information in one easily accessible and centralised system. The scalable platform hosts specialised applications that are used for specific operational and technical planning tasks.

The first applications on the AeroCENTRAL platform, Stand Guide, and Specifications allow airports, airlines, and ground service providers to present and access various aircraft parking stand configurations, equipment locations, turnaround procedures, or aircraft technical specifications, to support safer and more efficient decision-making.

Innovative software for safe airport operations

For airport planners, tracking permanent and temporary obstacles at the airport or in its vicinity is vital for safe operations. SkySAFE™, a CAD-based software, allows users to accurately and efficiently analyse obstacles to ensure these do not penetrate or threaten the obstacle limitation surfaces (OLS) defined in regulatory guidelines. SkySAFE is an effective tool for airport planners, operators, and safety managers who are involved in protecting and monitoring the airfield and its runway departure and approach paths.

Airside marking design

AeroSTRIPE offers a range of features that will significantly improve the way clients manage airside marking projects. Design runway, taxiway, and apron markings using the software’s impressive libraries of both ICAO and FAA elements, standard road text markings, and pre-drawn symbols that are the correct size and shape.

Being able to visualise drawings is important for any marking design project. AeroSTRIPE comes with 3D viewing and visualisation tools as standard, allowing users to quickly generate 3D visualisations and see the drawing from any viewpoint.

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