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Aircraft Liveries and Decorations

Aviation Graphix designs, manufactures and fits liveries and exterior decorations for many of the world’s leading airlines.

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Aviation Graphix

Aviation Graphix designs, manufactures and fits liveries and exterior decorations for many of the world’s leading airlines.

The company’s production team consists of aviation professionals with more than 100 years of combined knowledge and experience in the industry.

Interior signs for commercial aircraft

Aviation Graphix has a range of interior signs and placards for commercial, business and private aircraft.

The company has a catalogue of placards, and manufactures full interior refurbishment kits. These can be customised to meet specific aircraft needs and colour schemes, are normally based on technical drawings.

Aviation Graphix fits a range of customised liveries.
Exterior signage is available in decal or stencil formats.
Aviation Graphix’s placards and signs are used on commercial, business and private aircraft.

Interior signage includes:

  • All commercial aircraft available in single / dual and triple language formats
  • High-grade materials for burns-test specifications
  • Full kits or individual parts
  • Advertising programmes to increase airline profits
  • Trolley and tray-table advertising prints

Aircraft markings and exterior signage design

Aviation Graphix’s exterior signage includes:

  • Technical markings in any dual language format
  • Full kits or individual parts
  • All aircraft types available
  • High-performance materials with maximum durability
  • Decal or stencil formats

Exterior aircraft livery solutions

Aviation Graphix has the necessary skills to fit exterior liveries. The company provides kits to major airlines, ranging from marking for engines to wing fairings.

Marking kits can be purchased in stencil format if they need to be painted directly on the aircraft body, or alternatively in decal form, which is formed from printed vinyl.

Aviation Graphix’s services include:

  • Painting moulds
  • Vinyl livery
  • High-grade photography images
  • Revenue-earning advertising programmes
  • Design
  • Paint masks for full liveries

Placard replacements following aircraft maintenance

During aircraft maintenance, placards and other forms of decoration often need to be replaced. Aviation Graphix supplies identical replacements to Boeing and Airbus specifications. These products are Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved.

For large maintenance operations, Aviation Graphix supplies comprehensive interior and exterior refurbishment kits.

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