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Heavy-Duty Surface Drainage Systems for Airports

BIRCO develops innovative drainage solutions for heavy-duty and high-traffic areas in airports, ranging from infrastructure projects to roof terraces.

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BIRCO develops innovative drainage solutions for heavy-duty and high-traffic areas in airports, ranging from infrastructure projects to roof terraces.

Surface draining systems for airport applications

BIRCO channel systems are designed for surface drainage and discharge of liquid on runways and aprons, as well as other general airport areas. They are made of concrete, steel and polyethylene (PE) for various applications.

Certified EN1433, our drainage channels have a ten-year product warranty and do not need to be fully surrounded until they reach E600 load-class. Our channels can be up to 46% cheaper to install than other polymer, PE or plastic channel systems.

Various covers made of ductile iron or steel are available, including slotted, mesh, perforated, and designed gratings. As an engineering added-value package, we supply the full hydraulic calculations and shop drawings, offering customer support through all stages of a project, from specification to realisation.

BIRCO offers innovative drainage solutions for heavy-duty applications at airports.
BIRCO provides heavy-duty drainage systems for a range of airport applications.
Designed for heavy traffic at airports, BIRCOmassiv has one-piece surface protection.
BIRCO offers heavy-duty drainage systems that can handle 512l of liquid per metre.
BIRCO heavy-duty drainage systems are designed for traffic at airfields and runways.

High-capacity drains for airfields

To protect airport infrastructure and reduce the risk of flooding, open spaces should be equipped with high-capacity drainage channels and large water reservoirs. BIRCO offers a range of drainage solutions for airfield and other areas exposed to extreme loads.

Aviation is a fast and safe mode of transport with carefully developed networks, but bad weather conditions such as heavy rainfall can slow down or even stop the flow of airport operations entirely.

Effective drainage is indispensable for airfields, but the renovation of aprons is a complicated matter and requires careful planning. BIRCO provides Type I channels without the need for the concrete casing to save time and excavation space during renovation projects.

Heavy-duty runway and apron drainage systems

BIRCOslot channels made of concrete are monolithic Type I channels that can be laid without foundations or concrete casing, which significantly reduces the need for groundwork and saves time and expenses. They are designed to withstand extreme dynamic loads while offering traffic safety. The monolithic design minimises the risk of parts becoming loose or dislodged even in the highest volumes of traffic.

The heavy-duty channel BIRCOmax-i can handle up to 512l per metre and resist loads up to class F900. The hyperbolic construction form, the anchoring system and 4mm solid steel angles make our largest channel extremely resistant to pressure and ensure optimal distribution of forces. The large choice of installation heights and lengths offers freedom when planning the draining system.

The reinforced concrete channel BIRCOmassiv is designed for high levels of heavy-duty traffic on airfields. The one-piece surface protection fitted on the system is made of a galvanised bulb plate, which is designed to offer stability under point loads.

Surface drainage solutions for airports

For drainage of surfaces in areas with heavy-duty loading and for areas that require architectural flexibility, we offer BIRCOsir.

A channel system with nominal widths (NW) of 100mm-1,000mm with and without internal inbuilt falls offers stability for a wide variety of drainage concepts. There are seven different nominal widths, lengths of up to 2m and our large selection of gratings mean that there are few limits to their applications.


BIRCO is a leading European manufacturer of channel systems based in Baden-Baden, Germany. The company has been a family enterprise for three generations.

The company was established in 1927 and originally supplied coal and building materials. Production of concrete drainage channels began in the 1950s for agricultural applications. BIRCO developed the first channel with mesh grating for traffic areas and public spaces in 1965, which marked the beginning of its current offering.

BIRCO focuses on providing high-quality solutions without compromising on safety. Products are marketed through our sales agencies, partners and licensees in Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden. Operations across the Middle East are headquartered in Dubai, UAE.


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