Excess Baggage Company (EBC) provides a wide variety of baggage services both nationally and internationally for airport operators, including Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester, and airlines, including BA and Virgin. Founded in 1983, EBC is now one of the largest organisations of its kind in the world.

Baggage services for the airport industry

EBC facilitates the delivery of over 50,000 baggage shipments annually to over 300 destinations around the world, handling over two million items a year through left luggage and storage solutions, and managing services that range from lost and found to luggage retail and bag wrapping.

EBC can also take on administrative, staffing and management functions within the specialist baggage sector to provide clients with the means to increase efficiency, reduce expenses and explore new revenue generators from existing or unexplored opportunities.

Left luggage storage services

EBC provides airport left luggage storage services manned by X-ray trained security staff. Customers pay per item and receive professional, personalised advice and assistance aimed at generating higher levels of revenue for the operator while increasing customer satisfaction. Airport operators have found this far more profitable and space-efficient than older locker-based systems.

Excess Baggage Company offers baggage services at many airports, including London Heathrow.
EBC provides left luggage storage services.
EBC’s bag wrapping service provides added security and safety.
Retail outlets provide a highly visible advertising platform to promote EBC’s range of baggage services.
An EBC outlet at London Heathrow Terminal 4 offers a range of travel goods.

Shop and collect storage facility

Assisting on-site retailers to increase sales, EBC offers a quick and simple short or long-term shop and collect storage facility for purchases through the left luggage desk.

Online lost and found property system

EBC has developed a sophisticated but simple to use online lost and found property system, which allows found items to be matched with those registered as lost by utilising staff members’ smartphones. Passengers can then be notified by email or text message to arrange a return or collection.

Excess baggage shipping services

Excess baggage not travelling with a passenger can be safely, cheaply and swiftly shipped and tracked to almost any destination worldwide via EBC. The company also offers an online luggage forwarding service so that passengers can spend more time in airport retail outlets without being hampered by their luggage.

EBC’s online multi-courier parcel service allows travellers to send any parcel, package or baggage ahead of them to arrive at their holiday or business destination when and where they want it, at the most competitive rates using the world’s leading carriers.

Increasing the convenience of duty-free buying, EBC offers a shop and ship delivery service to send these purchases to destinations anywhere in the world.

Passengers requiring added safety and security for their luggage can opt for EBC’s bag wrapping service. This system provides operators with the option to incorporate their own branded wrap or to resell the advertising space to third parties and create an additional source of revenue.

Online and pop-up retail units for airports

EBC outlets offer a range of travel goods which are suitable for both air-side and land-side locations and can be installed as a single unit or in conjunction with any other EBC facilities such as bag wrapping or left luggage. These outlets have the advantage of providing highly visible advertising platforms for promoting the other services that enhance airport customer satisfaction, such as the shop and ship options to enhance the passenger’s retail experience.

Pop-up retail units are an innovative quickly installed or relocated branded retail unit that offers customers targeted baggage, travel products and services where they need them most.

Luggage express is EBC’s online retail outlet for the sale of luggage and travel accessories. This can be integrated with the passenger terminal’s website.

Accredited baggage services partner for the airport industry

As a member of ACI Europe, the Airport Operators Association, World Baggage Network and IATA, EBC is recognised as a respected and accredited baggage services partner for airport operator and airline clients around the world.