Airport security gates

Gunnebo is a global supplier of security products, services and solutions, which include cash handling, safes and vaults, entrance security and electronic security for banks, retail, CIT, mass transit, airports, public and commercial buildings and industrial and high-risk sites.

The Entrance Security division offers airport security solutions that combine security with speed and reliability and simplify passenger travel by ensuring reliable, trouble-free interaction with security staff and security systems at all times.

Passenger flow management solutions

The company’s passenger flow management solutions include:

Birmingham Airport introduced self-service solutions at Pre-Security with gates supplied by Gunnebo.
Gunnebo’s self-boarding gates at Hamburg Airport enable fast movement of passengers through the terminal.
Automated Pre-Security gates supplied by Gunnebo at Naples Airport have reduced passenger stress levels during transit.
Gunnebo’s Pre-Security Gates interfaced with ICTS’s Smart Queue product provide and efficient solution for controlling the flow of passengers into security control.
Gunnebo’s cross-border security and biometric verification at Sofia Airport to accelerate and automate the immigration process.
Automated Self-Boarding introduced at Cork Airport with Boarding Gates supplied by Gunnebo.
Automated Pre-Security gates supplied by Gunnebo at Belfast Airport have speeded up the boarding pass check.
  • Automated boarding pass check
  • Automated self-boarding
  • Automated cross-border security and biometric verification
  • Passenger flow control from airside to landside

Automated boarding pass check

Automated boarding pass checks take place before a security check. Highly efficient self-checking if a passenger is holding a valid boarding pass. Gates come with an interface to the AODB or other airport database.

Automated self-boarding for commercial aircraft

Two gates for the same purpose of automated self-boarding into an aircraft. Fully compliant with the latest AEA standards, self-explanatory use for PAX, frees up agents to take care of passengers with special needs. Gates come with an interface to the common use or dedicated PAX handling system.

Automated immigration solutions for airport operators

Cross-border security and biometric verification capabilities are available. This accelerates and automates the process while increasing security and reducing waiting time.

Controlling air passengers at exit lanes and departure gates

Solutions are available to control passenger flow from airside to landside without having an effect on customer experience. An advanced detection system makes returning through gates almost impossible.

Gunnebo can provide solutions to meet the challenges faced by airports, including:

  • Reducing passenger queuing time by managing queues
  • Processing passengers faster through the airport to airside stress-free
  • Automated processes to free up airport staff to focus on customer care
  • Providing fast and efficient movement of passengers without compromising the strictest security demands

Today airports are not just locations where passengers get on and off aircraft. Highest security standards have to be followed, cost-driven efficiency must be achieved and best PAX experience provided in this very competitive environment.

State-of-the-art access management solutions at airports

As an international market leader in the entrance security market, Gunnebo understands what airports and airlines are demanding from state-of-the-art access management solutions. Although security requirements have continuously increased over the last few years, it is essential for airports and airlines to operate their businesses in the most profitable way.
Gunnebo offers physical gate solutions that have been developed and designed individually for all access management applications inside a modern airport.

Adhering to IATA guidelines, Gunnebo’s airport solutions include pre-security, boarding, immigration and anti-return, providing automated passenger detection systems with sophisticated identification tools, including 2D barcode and biometric scanners.

The company works with CUTE providers to ensure that its gate solutions can interface to the airport common use or dedicated passenger handling system. This means the company creates a commonality of processes across pre-security, boarding and immigration. Gunnebo also provide solutions to prevent any non-authorised people entering limited access areas through the use of CCTV and airlocks with metal detection.

Future-proof solutions for airports

Gunnebo’s solutions are future-proof, embracing today’s technology and beyond. Increased security, lower labour costs and a fast and convenient passenger journey through an airport are the benefits generated by Gunnebo’s solutions.

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