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Voice Communication Systems for Air Traffic Controllers

MEP develops and supplies voice communication systems for critical applications in the air traffic and maritime sectors.

TT Vasumweg 150,
1033 SH Amsterdam,

TT Vasumweg 150,
1033 SH Amsterdam,


MEP develops and supplies voice communication systems for critical applications in the air traffic and maritime sectors.

Voice communication solutions for the aviation industry

An increase in the volume of air, maritime and road traffic drives the consistent need for new communication and management solutions to ensure safety, as well as enhance capacity and efficiency.

MEP designs reliable, versatile, accessible, customisable and cost-effective solutions of audio and related data for traffic controllers. The MEP system is operational 24/7, monitors every action, and highlights and reports any issues clearly.

Operator consoles supplied by the company feature a crash-alarm function, which allows air traffic controllers to inform and instruct all relevant institutions in a single action.

The company’s in-depth knowledge of the hardware and software enables specifically built systems according to the most stringent safety regulations and highest industry standards such as ED153, ISO 9001 and ED137.

Compact, customisable voice communication systems

The TCS990 digital voice communication control system (VCCS) is designed for traffic controllers who continuously guard critical situations.

Based on more than 20 years of experience in voice switches, the system supports external IP and telecom networks, remote line interfaces and a variety of consoles. MEP’s CMSpro control and monitoring system facilitates installation, control and maintenance.

The VCCS complies with the Eurocontrol procurement and among others the ED-137 standard.

The VCCS can be delivered with a wide variety of configurations and sizes, and all components are housed in one compact unit. Consoles are equipped with wide-angle, high-brightness, LED, thin-film-transistor (TFT) displays, making them readable under all conditions. The rugged construction, resistive touch and LED-illuminated display enable maintenance-free operation for ten years.

The system is designed to be compact, reliable and flexible, guaranteeing high availability, a long service life, easy expansion and minimal service costs.

All electronics and firmware are designed and built by MEP, enabling VCCS customisations.

Touchscreen communication consoles and panels

MEP’s touchscreen panels feature high-brightness LED display with wide viewing angles.

The panels feature a built-in microphone, two speakers, two volume controls and a push-to-talk (PTT) touch button.

Headsets, handsets and external microphones / speakers can be connected. The panel is equipped with low power electronics. No additional ventilation is required, which results in zero noise.

To reduce operator actions the user interface is set up intuitive with tab pages and pictograms.

MEP consoles are used as main systems and as last resort systems. For the last resort systems, the company has a specific product line available.

MEP’s highly scalable systems can be installed independently of main system infrastructure, such as wiring and electricity.

External audio interfaces for VCCS consoles

The TCU990 and ACU990 external audio interfaces can be connected to all MEP consoles. It comprises a speaker, two volume controls, and handset with integrated PTT and a separate PTT touch button. It can be used on the desk or built-in the system.

To connect headsets and handsets, there are line-ins for two operators and one for a mentor. Electrets and dynamic microphones are supported.

PC-based consoles are also available.

About MEP

MEP has developed and supplied voice communication systems for air traffic applications since 1989. The company offers new solutions that improve traffic flows and safety worldwide.

MEP has provided its voice communication systems for the following projects:

  • The Irish Aviation Authority: MEP was commissioned to deliver a new emergency system and designs for operator consoles. The system automatically monitors transmitters and receivers, provided access to all radio channels, and met IAA requirements
  • Lydd Airport: MEP supplied a fully SRG-approved primary system with various 5.7in control panels for Lydd Airport in Kent, England
  • Isles of Scilly Airport: the company provided a primary system for St. Mary’s Airport, one of the ten busiest regional airports in the UK
  • Biggin Hill Airport: London Biggin Hill challenged MEP to seamlessly integrate a new primary system with older third-party equipment.
  • Zaventem Airport: in 2010, MEP was commissioned to provide a solution to convert an existing analogue system from another manufacturer, making it suitable for Climax functionality.
  • Vágar Airport: MEP supplied a primary system for Vágar Airport at the end of 2015. The system provides the strongest signal possible and is suitable for Climax, increasing the security of communications between the airport and pilots
  • Aberdeen Airport: MEP supplied the airport’s last resort system, which consisted of 12 operator consoles and an engineering terminal

Voice Switch TCS990

MEP's Voice Switch TCS990 digital switch is suitable air traffic controllers continually guarding critical situations.

Connector ACU995

The ACU995 is an audio connector unit designed for headsets and handsets.

Interface and Control System CMSpro

MEP's range of user and audio interface systems, and the CMSpro control system offer connectivity for air traffic control security.

ED-137 Gateway CRU995

De CRU995 Gateway lengthens the lifespan of existing products while ED-137 is implemented.

ED137 CRU 995 Gateway

The MEP CRU995 is not only an analogue / digital Gateway, it is a connection between different brands as well.

Inverness International Airport

The Inverness International Airport is located 13km north-east of Inverness in Scotland, representing the gateway to the Highlands.

MEP Selected for ATC and Voice Communication Contracts

MEP has been awarded a number of projects, including work for St Anthan’s conversion from a military airbase to a civilian airfield, as well as Highlands and Islands Airports Limited’s voice communication system replacement.

MEP Moves to New Office

We are pleased to inform you that MEP has moved to a new office location in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This location has more space which provides several advantages for our customers, staff and suppliers.


TT Vasumweg 150

1033 SH Amsterdam