MCM Engineering

MCM Engineering is a leading provider of 400Hz and 28VDC aircraft ground power solutions and services.

The company’s ground support equipment and power systems are engineered to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, reliable performance.

High-quality aircraft ground power systems and support equipment

MCM Engineering delivers 400Hz fixed and portable motor-generator (MG) sets, distribution gate boxes and load banks, aircraft ground power systems, and accessories, as well as central system design and engineering services.

The Kato Engineering 400Hz motor-generator (MG) sets supply converted and conditioned power, available from 25kVA to 400kVA, and inputs for either 50Hz or 60Hz.
MCM Engineering 400Hz Gate Boxes are designed to convert 400Hz system voltage to controlled voltage for aircraft, while providing aircraft protection when power limits are exceeded at the gate.
MCM Engineering Load Banks are designed to test the 400Hz generating equipment or power source.
MCM Engineering's 400Hz Aircraft Cable is a single jacketed, multi-conductor solution built for longevity, with replaceable contacts and nose cover. Cable ratings of 180A, 260A and 300A are available.
Constructed from high-strength thermoplastic, the MCM Engineering Gold-X Nose is designed to withstand abrasive ramps encountered by aircraft cable connectors.
The MCM Engineering Aircraft Cable Hoist is designed to raise / lower and store aircraft cables on passenger loading bridges, or in aircraft maintenance hangars.
The MCM Engineering 28VDC power supply is used in conjunction with a 400Hz power source to convert 400Hz / 115VAC power to 28VDC.
The MCM Engineering 270VDC Aircraft Ground Power Cable offers a replaceable nose cover and contacts, and is suitable for use with Lockheed Martin F-22 and F-35 aircraft.
The MCM Engineering Service 400Hz Pit is available in 400Hz single / dual output power, air, water and utility packages. Pits are manufactured with industry-standard electrical components and easily serviceable by design.
Available in a single or three-tube design, the MCM Engineering Loading Bridge Pantograph provides cost-effective method of carrying utilities across passenger loading bridges.

The company also offers 28VDC aircraft ground power cables and load banks, as well as terminal bridge pantographs, and service pits.

Central system motor-generator sets

At the core of the company’s central-based 400Hz ground power system is Kato Engineering’s MG system, which has evolved to meet the special requirements and power demands of the modern aviation industry.

The 400Hz MG sets provide conditioned and converted power outputs, ranging from 25kVA to 400kVA, and 50Hz or 60Hz inputs. When using multiple parallelled MG sets, its power capacities are limitless.

Gate boxes and test equipment

MCM Engineering’s gate boxes are designed to convert 400Hz system voltages to usable voltages for parked aircraft, as well as offer protection when power limits are exceeded.

The company customises gate boxes to meet a client’s requirements, and manufactures 400Hz testing equipment to monitor and maintain the service life of their systems and equipment.

The testing solutions include load banks, which accurately simulate the realistic load produced by aircraft, and power analysers to test the power quality of aircraft cables.

400Hz aircraft ground power cables

MCM Engineering has developed a comprehensive line of 400Hz aircraft ground power cables.

The 400Hz cable is built for longevity with replaceable pins and a nose cover. Available with ratings of 180A, 260A and 300A, the cables are supplied with connector push-button configurations for various commercial and military applications.

28VDC aircraft ground power cables and test equipment

MCM Engineering also offers a full product line of 28VDC aircraft ground support equipment to support commercial / military aircraft, including aircraft ground power cables, fixed / portable power supplies for parked aircraft and 18VDC load banks.

270VDC aircraft ground power cable

The MCM Engineering 270VDC aircraft ground power cable supports next-generation fighter aircraft, such as the Lockheed Martin F-22 and F-35.

The single-jacketed, multi-conductor cable offers the same design advantages as the company’s 400Hz cables, such as a molded body, replaceable pins and nose covers, increasing return on investment and longevity. Cables are available in standard or custom lengths, and accommodate various installation configurations.

Terminal bridge pantographs and service pits

MCM Engineering pantographs are a cost-effective, efficient solution for carrying utilities across telescoping portions of passenger loading bridges. Pantograph knuckles incorporate aluminium tubing for arms with mounting brackets designed to fit all types of loading bridges.

Pantographs are available as single-tube design to support 400Hz or 60Hz power cables, or a three-tube configuration for carrying multiple utilities.

MCM Engineering also manufactures aircraft service pits, which provide utilities such as 400Hz single / dual-output power, air and water.

The company’s service pits are easily installed and incorporate extra-thick fibreglass walls, supports and stainless-steel interiors to withstand extreme conditions. Pits are manufactured with industry-standard electrical components and can be easily serviced.

MCM Engineering’s goal is to provide innovative 400Hz aircraft ground power solutions and exceptional service to help its customers achieve their objectives.