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Passenger Service and Operational Efficiency Improvements

Unisys provides innovative technologies to improve passenger services and increase operational efficiency in airports.

Unisys provides innovative technologies to improve passenger services and increase operational efficiency in airports.

Unisys aims to enhance client facilities and optimise efficiency, while managing risk and growing revenues.

Airport operation and passenger service improvement solutions

Unisys’ mission-critical solutions, consultancy and system integration services enable clients to improve the quality of time spent in and around airport terminals, and to simplify complex airport activities such as baggage tagging, and flight check-in.

The company’s Passenger Facilitation Solutions Suite allows clients to customise the passenger experience, and operate a true shared and common-use environment, which uses modern technologies and a variety of self-service, mobile, and off-airport options, including home printed bag tags.

Unisys’ systems are designed to facilitate airport services, such as baggage labelling.
The Hague Airport in Rotterdam is one of many international terminals that implement Unisys systems.
Unisys is a truly global company, offering cutting-edge solutions to government and commercial markets.

Smartphone enabled mobile airport management solutions

Unisys’ Airport Operations Solutions Suite provides a single, consistent set of applications and tools for planning and managing all aspects of an airport’s operational workload.

The system implements smartphones to provide mobile alerts in order to create easier, more accessible solutions for airport management and operations staff. Unisys provides services in more than 100 airports worldwide.

Home-printed bag tags and baggage reconciliation solutions

Unisys supplies baggage reconciliation systems that are used in every Australian, and most New Zealand international airports. The company’s solutions secure and validate approximately 19 million bags a year.

The company also developed and designed the first-of-its-kind home-printed bag tag solution for Billund Airport, Denmark, which resulted in a 40% reduction in queues at check-in / bag drop.

Unisys is a consistent service provider, which has a variety of impressive credentials, including:

  • Unisys provides services and solutions in more than 100 airports worldwide
  • 18 of the top 25 global airlines rely on Unisys Solutions
  • Nearly one quarter of all air travellers worldwide check-in for their flights using Unisys systems
  • Of the 50 top air cargo carriers, 16 use Unisys logistics solutions
  • More than 20% of the world’s air cargo shipments are processed on Unisys solutions

About Unisys

Unisys is a global information technology company, which works with many of the world’s largest companies and government organisations to solve a range of IT and business challenges.

Unisys specialises in providing integrated, leading-edge solutions to government, financial services and commercial markets.

With more than 20,000 employees, Unisys’ products include cloud and infrastructure services, application services, security solutions, and high-end server technology.

White Papers



  • Copenhagen Airport Expansion

    Copenhagen Airport, the biggest airport in Denmark, unveiled its vision to expand the airport to cater to the increasing number of passengers and projected future growth.

  • Nelson Airport Terminal Redevelopment

    Located 8km from Nelson City, New Zealand, Nelson Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. The airport benefits from its central position, where it is easily accessible to the residents of Nelson and Richmond.

Products & services

  • Unisys StealthTM

    Unisys Stealth™ is an innovative approach to data and network security that can help aviation industry executives secure and protect sensitive information as it is shared across the value chain.

  • Mobility Technology Solutions

    With its unique approach to mobility and its deep aviation industry experience, Unisys will help craft and successfully unlock the full value of mobile technology.

  • Mobile Check-in Assistant (mCKA)

    The Unisys Mobile Check-in Assistant (mCKA) is a comprehensive common use mobile-based solution that allows airport and ground handling agents to move beyond the counter to perform a variety of passenger services functions.

  • Fast Bag Drop Solution

    The Unisys Fast Bag Drop solution speeds up passenger baggage processing by expanding the bag drop process across all avail counters within a common-use system.

  • Unisys Home-Printed Bag Tag Solution

    The Unisys Home-Printed Bag Tag solution speeds up passenger bag processing for greater dwell time by encouraging the printing of bag tags outside the airport.

  • Airport Passenger Processing System Solution

    The Unisys Airport Passenger Processing System Solution (APPS) is a fully integrated suite of applications that helps agents facilitate the efficient, secure check-in and boarding of passengers.

  • Airport Operations Solutions Suite

    The Unisys Airport Operations Solutions Suite helps airport directors address the management and improvement of all key aspects of an airport's operations.