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Airport Manhole Covers and Drainage Gratings

Airports are busy and demanding environments that require rugged, safe and reliable infrastructure access solutions.

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Airports are busy and demanding environments that require rugged, safe and reliable infrastructure access solutions.

Whether draining water away from busy transportation routes, providing watertight access to critical electrical channels or securing glycol collection points, these infrastructure access products need to accommodate extreme weight loads and to conform to existing local specifications.

EJ provides a vast range of manhole access covers and drainage grates for Class F900 applications on airport taxiways, runways, ramp areas, refueling points, airfield lightings, and hangars. Multipart covers in the extra-heavy duty (Class F900 and lower) are custom built for access to pits and trenches.

EJ offers a number of product lines in ductile iron, galvanized steel, aluminum and composite, specifically designed to meet these criteria for airports. Products include manhole assemblies, access hatches, drainage grates, and linear trench grating.

Hinged and assisted F900 Class access covers for electrical application at Phuket International Airport in Thailand.
Abu Dhabi International Airport in UAE installed EJ reliable solutions for the huge AGL refurbishment project.
Large catch flow efficiency and high wheel load resistance linear duct gratings by EJ were chosen to improve stormwater drainage at Venice Airport in Italy.
Self level access solution installation at Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain, to fit perfectly with road movements.
Airfield ground lighting network to be covered by ductile iron extra heavy duty access cover by EJ for an easy, quick and safe access.
The Hinged Hatch range by EJ has been installed to enhance Airport safety at Lisbon International, Portugal.
London City Airport, UK, double triangular access covers: by night installation.
Large clear opening, assistance, and FOD compliancy to respond maintenance and management teams requirements at Lisbon International, Portugal.
1,200mm x 1,200mm clear opening manhole cover with stainless steel mechanical spring strut lift assist to reduce the opening effort to 25kg at Jakarta Airport, Indonesia.
Geneva International Airport, Switzerland, chose EJ circular access cover on apron as the best in class infrastructure access solutions for airports.

Reliable, safe and easy to operate infrastructure access solutions

Our solutions guarantee anti-rock, maintenance free, extremely high wheel loads and high traffic intensity resistance, easy handling, one-man operation, extra large clear opening, safety access features, FOD compliancy, large waterway area capacity, EN 124 Third party certification.

Proven airport products from EJ can be found at numerous high traffic locations throughout the world: Charles de Gaulle International Airport, London Heathrow Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Denver International Airport, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport, Bangalore International Airport, Singapore Changi International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Dubai International Airport, Madrid Barajas Airport, Frankfurt Am Mein International Airport and many more…

A worldwide offer and expertise for standard to modular infrastructure cover solutions

  • One-stop-shop: A superior EJ product portfolio means that stakeholders can review all requirements and specifications, knowing that they will receive both quality products and genuine insight.
  • Reliability and airport insight: EJ can offer solutions to the most complex project challenges faced on airport construction sites.
  • Expertise and value: EJ is able to offer cost savings and tangible project value through detailed project management, demonstrating real expertise.
  • FOD compliance: Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is potentially a very serious safety risk and EJ supplies built-in FOD-compliant key solutions.
  • Safety: From products capable of handling heavy traffic and wheel loads, to safety features like the FOD locking device, safety bars and more, EJ manhole covers and drainage solutions have been engineered with project, client and end-user’s safety as a priority.

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