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Airport Planning Solutions to Boost Capacity and Efficiency

HUB Performance offers capacity constraints solutions for airline travel. Our services range from passenger terminal capacity planning and performance measurement, to baggage and cargo handling simulation and optimisation, to passenger flow management.

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HUB Performance is one of the leading capacity planners, whose main aim is to provide logistical decision support to companies in the airport sector through the provisions of operation simulation, scheduling, optimising and planning solutions. These include capacity planning, passenger flow management, performance measurements, baggage and cargo handling.

With the dramatic rise in demand for quality and efficiency in airport operations, this has lead to stronger focus on security measures, from the check points to baggage and cargo security.

HUB Performance has been able to adapt and meet the current market demand sharing their expertise through consultancy and supporting airport operators with their innovative software technology and solutions. HUB Performance takes capacity planning to another level.

Passenger terminal capacity planning with data solutions

HUB Performance offers a highly skilled service to airport planners using industry IT knowledge, providing turnkey simulation-based solutions aimed to provide the highest value at the lowest total cost of ownership.

HUB Performance helps airports to improve their capacity and efficiency.
HUB Performance offers airport traffic analysis services in a variety of formats.
In order for an airport to operate smoothly, baggage handling needs to be a simple operation.
Easy-to-use passenger process flow management.
NAGA Concept.

The company’s work at major airports, such as ADP and Heathrow Airport, positions it as one of the market experts in airport capacity planning services. HUB Performance’s knowledge allows for evaluation of people movement through the airport with the PAX2SIM.

The PAX2SIM is a data-driven solution used for infrastructure projects and planning, in order to size airports and produce trends on passenger information.

Benefits include:

  • Peak flow management from flight plan to load factors
  • Resource allocation view Gantt chart management
  • Process flow capacity planning using simulation engine.
  • Static resources allocation
  • Size space and resource needs
  • Forecast passenger waiting time
  • Compare scenarios and performance versus targets

HUB Performance also offers a bespoken consultancy service.

Passenger flow and counting and queue waiting time forecast solutions

HUB Performance’s close partnership with NAGA Concept provides an innovative counting solution that is designed to improve the passenger experience at the airport.
With the use of multi-video sensors and flow control software, this solution is perfect for all aspect of the airport operators’ needs.

From the queuing aspect in forecasting a waiting time, this software solution can accurately record time spent in the queue offering a solution that can convert flow control into a real decision support tool. Whatever the situation is we can adapt the different devices in place and respond to time constraints and the budget of the client.

Baggage handling optimisation

HUB Performance airport planners evaluate baggage handling systems (BHS) and optimize designs. The company analyses performance, which allows it to experiment several scenarios using capacity planning and 3D simulation.

HUB Performance’s technology integrates the 3D layout and equipment specification, in order to route baggage towards several processes such as security (BHS). The company simulates breakdowns and evaluates their impact.

Hold baggage screening (HBS) Standard 3 asset replacement simulation

Due to recent security demands, airports authorities have applied 100% of hold baggage screening requirements, which means that new systems need to be put in place.

HUB Performance simulation technology helps to minimise any inconvenience and delays and ensure a smooth transition from Standard 2 to the required Standard 3, saving airport operators time and money to value the performance of the new or upgraded systems.

Cargo handling optimisation

HUB Performance cargo handling systems for capacity planning offer visibility on systems performance by assessing various factors, such as materials handling equipment capacity, operational warehousing and cross-docking strategies.

For BHS, the company tests control systems using its offline commissioning platform, with the aim of securing projects’ start up.

White Papers

  • Baggage Handling System Simulation

    With more than 20 years of combined expertise, Hub Performance airport planners can evaluate Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) designs with confidence. We analyse performance, size material handling equipment such as storages, define and validate operational strategies making us the perfect partner to work with.

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