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Airport Check-In Equipment, Baggage Sorting Systems and Hold Baggage Screening

Vanderlande is the global market leader for value-added logistic process automation at airports.

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Vanderlande is the global market leader for value-added logistic process automation at airports.

We have provided baggage handling systems worldwide, including to 13 of the world’s top 20 airports, which transport more than 3.7 million pieces of luggage annually. Our automated passenger checkpoint (APC) solutions have helped airports efficiently handle millions of passengers every year.

Our integrated solutions can be customised to enhance business processes and competitive positions. Innovative systems, intelligent software and lifecycle services all contribute to delivering fast, efficient and reliable logistic process automation.

Scalable passenger handling solutions for airport check-in and security areas

Vanderlande provides innovative scalable passenger handling solutions for check-in areas and security checkpoints. Solutions are designed for an increased throughput and enhanced experience while allowing for airports to easily expand and manage rapidly increasing passenger numbers.

The TRIPLANAR series of ultra-quiet baggage carousels.
Vanderlande offers a wide range of manual or automated storage concepts.
HELIXORTER is a tilt-tray or belt-tray loop sorter system for baggage sorting.
DCV systems meet the increasing needs of airports for fast baggage transport over longer distances.
Integrated baggage loading with BAGLOAD.

We understand that it is important for airports to provide efficient check-in, bag drop and security operations, so we have created an advanced range of solutions.

PAX CHECKPOINT innovative passenger checkpoint solutions

Vanderlande PAX CHECKPOINT is a specialised APC system that aims to help airports operate securely and ensure a positive experience.

Innovative Advanced automated screening lanes and Multiplex screening software are used in our integrated checkpoint solution. The systems are designed to increase passenger throughput and adapt to traffic flow.

We collaborate with airports to ensure we deliver all of the required components for each security solution. Other security technologies can be combined with our systems to provide high-quality efficient performance.

Integrated baggage handling systems for airports

Our series of innovative and scalable baggage handling solutions makes use of an integrated range of advanced systems, smart software and lifecycle services to support airport operators.

Vanderlande baggage handling systems are tailored for complex and high-demand airport operations that require precise and quick action.

FLEET advanced baggage logistics system

FLEET is our latest baggage solution that uses intelligent automated guided vehicle (AGV) technology in place of fixed conveyor and sorting systems.

It is a sustainable system that uses up to 50% less energy than alternative solutions. FLEET is scalable and cost-effective, providing compact functionality through the high-quality performance of the system.

Other Vanderlande baggage handling solutions include the individual carrier TUBTRAX, which provides high-speed transport for baggage across long distances, as well as the BAGSTORE temporary baggage store, which has 100% built-in redundancy.

We also offer the unique BLUEVEYOR conveyor, which is free from toxic chemicals, and our STACK@EASE customisable ergonomic loading aid.

Find out more about our range on the Products and Services tab.

About Vanderlande

Vanderlande has a team of experienced project managers that carry out each task with a proactive and supportive approach. We have a wide portfolio of value-added logistic process automation systems that have been installed across the world.

We are dedicated to designing high-quality effective passenger and baggage transit systems to enhance customer experience.

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Products & services

  • TUBTRAX and BAGTRAX Baggage Handling

    TUBTRAX is a high-speed baggage conveying system and BAGTRAX is an ICS solution that offers high availability through built-in redundancy that handles large variations in baggage flows.

  • HELIXORTER Baggage Handling

    To increase operational efficiency and reduce energy consumption, environmental impact and costs, Vanderlande is continuously evaluating and improving its material handling solutions.

  • BAGSTORE Baggage Handling

    BAGSTORE is Vanderlande’s system for temporary baggage storage, using proven automatic storage and retrieval system technology.

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