Passenger Boarding Ramps and GSE

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KCI produces superior-quality ground support equipment (GSE) for many airports and airlines, both regional and mainline. Our product line is comprised of a wide variety of GSE, including ADA-compliant passenger boarding ramps, air stairs, crew stairs and jetbridge adapters. We also manufacture baggage handling equipment, baggage carts, jetbridge beltloaders and more.

Development, manufacture and support of airport GSE

Our company is focused on developing, manufacturing and supporting the airport industry’s best GSE and supporting the individuals in the air transportation industry that utilize this equipment.

Aircraft-boarding ramps, jet-bridge ramps and ground-level transition ramps

KCI provides efficient all-in-one ground-boarding GSE ramp solutions, including aircraft-boarding ramps, jet-bridge ramps and ground-level transition ramps. We focus our solutions around our all-in-one boarding design and we make sure that the products we design are maintenance-free, in an effort to provide the industry’s most reliable performance.

Aircraft passenger embarking and disembarking ramps

Our designs have won us many new customers in the last few years, and independent testing shows our products to be consistently as much as 60% more efficient in passenger embarking and disembarking times. Our ramp solutions can be set up to work with nearly any aircraft or jetway configuration, and you’ll find our ramps to be among the most affordable for initial investment and for long-term maintenance.

Custom airport GSE

If you have a unique requirement for a specifically designed piece of airport GSE, please contact us and we’ll be glad to create a custom solution that is just right for your situation.

Customer support for airport GSE

We believe in world-class, client-first customer service for our airport GSE, and maintenance-free solutions you can count on. We simply will not compromise on customer service. Our first obligation is to our customers and the KCI products that they utilize. Whether it is simply technical information you need over the phone or on-site support, we make our customers our first priority.

Our unrivalled customer and product support combined with superior product quality are only a few of the reasons why our products can be found at every major airport in North America. We are dedicated to providing innovative, safe, time-saving and cost-saving solutions to the GSE industry.

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