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Bird Control Solutions for Aviation Environments

Ketrop is a Dutch manufacturer of animal-friendly bird control habitat modification and sound devices for airports.

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Ketrop is a Dutch manufacturer of animal-friendly bird control habitat modification and sound devices for airports.

Safety is critical in all aspects of the aviation industry. Collisions between birds and aircrafts regularly happen so airports need to invest in extensive security measures to ensure the safety of both passengers and staff.

Habitat modification and bird prevention products for aviation environments

Habitat modification is designed to minimise birds, wild animals and their predators at airports and underdeveloped surroundings. A number of necessary actions can be carried out by airport maintenance services. However, sufficient measures require the combination of bird repellents such as lasers, sound devices and gas bangers.

Ketrop is a leading company in the supply of innovative bird repelling laser equipment. This varies from fully automatic laser devices with ranges exceeding 2km to handheld portable lasers. The knowledge we initially acquired in the agricultural sector was integral in the development of our lasers. When these turned out to function well at airports, we further developed them to offer high-quality lasers designed for airport bird control.

Sound devices for bird deterrence at airports

Distress calls of congeners encourage birds to leave airports. Ketrop provides portable and static programmable devices that contain a range of programmable bird distress calls. In addition, we offer various acoustic devices that produce irritating sounds to deter birds.

Gas bangers were originally made for the agricultural sector, but they are suitable for airports. We have numerous types of bangers, from simple manual operation to a smartphone application or remotely controlled units with a working range of 8km.

Visual deterrence solutions for airfield bird control

Visible deterrence can be achieved with inflatable scarecrows and predator kites, as long as these resources are moved regularly.

Signal pistols are multifunctional and convenient to use. The user can load the gun with cartridges with a choice of sound signals, smoke or a tracer.

We find a variety of bird control methods to be highly significant as birds eventually get used to the same repellents. Airport bird controllers have an important task to make appropriately timed variations.

Service and advice for bird repellent methods

Ketrop has a long-term policy when it comes to advice and service.

We aim to protect customers from impulse purchases and listen to individual bird control requirements. We are capable of advising customers about a targeted approach, including what methods will provide optimal results, to ensure high-quality customer service.