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Data Link Solutions for the Aviation Industry

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Airtel ATN specialises in data communication solutions for the aviation industry. It is a recognised leader in the development of ATN data link communications software. Airtel has implemented and validated the software required to provide operational ATN services since 1993.

Airtel ATN develops and customises aviation software for many companies across the aviation industry including:

  • Civil aviation authorities
  • Airlines
  • Network operators
  • Avionics manufacturers
  • ATM system integrators

Data link systems

Airtel ATN delivers communications software systems necessary for communications, navigation, surveillance/air traffic management (CNS/ATM) systems. The company delivers tailored solutions for aeronautical telecommunications network (ATN) and ATM systems by combining its range of communications software products and technology with software engineering services.

The output is developed to comply with the requirements of current and future Data Link programmes such as EUROCONTROL’s LINK-2000+ programme.

Airtel ATN data link software for aviation.
Airtel ATN delivers ATN communications software systems for aviation industry.
Airtel ATN provides data link software for aerospace industry.
Communications software for the Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN).
Data link software.

Air/ground data link server

The Airtel air/ground data link server (AGDLS) provides a Link 2000+ compliant ATN end-system with support for the ATN applications (CM, CPDLC, PM-CPDLC, ADS-C) as described in the ATN manual issued by ICAO. Both airborne and ground versions are available.

ATN Router

The ATN router is an essential component in constructing ATN-compliant communication networks. The Router embodies much of the functionality of ATN and is the element which ensures the world-wide, open, transparent connectivity characteristic of ATN. The Airtel ATN router supports the exchange of routing information for ground-ground and air-ground data communications. The Airtel ATN router is compliant with the ICAO CNS/ATM Package-1 Internet SARPs.

The ATN router is available in both binary and C source code formats. Both airborne and ground versions of the ATN router are available.

Airtel ATN’s ATN router is certified on AIRBUS, Boeing and other aircraft.

Test tools

Airtel’s ATN test tools are the de-facto industry standard for testing and validating Link 2000+ implementations. Airtel ATN’s test tools are used by EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre Bretigny, SITA and ARINC.

Airtel ATN provides a comprehensive set of validation software to test airborne and ground systems. The validation software is built using some of the existing operational core software, so it is representative of real operational systems.

Airtel’s ATN Test Tools (Airborne or Ground) provide platforms for the validation and interoperability testing of Airborne or Ground suppliers of ATN Applications (CM, CPDLC, PM-CPDLC and ADS-C).

Airborne data link system emulation tool (manual or automatic)

The air manual data link system emulation tool (AMT) provides a GUI for sending/receiving CM/CPDLC primitives. The air automatic data link system emulation tool (AAT) implements script based automatic responses to uplink messages from an ATC Centre. These tools support the testing of:

  • Context management
  • CPDLC connectivitity management
  • Full EUROCAE ED-110A CPDLC message set
  • Error test cases
  • Recording of messages and events

Multiple airborne data link system emulator (MVS)

The MVS provides a TCL/TK script based interface to send/receive ATN and FANS CM/CPDLC messages. It emulates up to 600 aircraft.

Airtel ATN’s software can be provided on all major platforms including PC based systems.

Why choose Airtel ATN?

  • Airtel ATN is the only supplier of operational airborne and ground routers
  • Airtel ATN is the first commercial company in the world to provide ATN test service to aircraft operators

Airtel ATN has the experience and expertise of a world leading ATN company. With its highly skilled engineering staff having significant ATN trials experience, Airtel has created a well-developed code base, both in trials and operationally. Being the only supplier of both operational airborne and ground routers, Airtel ATN offers customers excellence in the world of ATN.

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