PCA unit

IST-Edelstahl-Anlagenbau (IST) specialises in the manufacture of aircraft ground energy systems (AGES), which comprise pre-conditioned air (PCA) systems such as PCA units, telescopic tubes, hose reels and integrated 400Hz systems.

Aircraft ground energy systems for airports

AGES is the first efficient unified system that completely covers the energy needs of aircraft on ground. It has been developed in cooperation with a team of specialists and engineers in the field of ground support and based on the specifications of various airports.

IST delivers high-quality systems comprising centralised chiller plants or decentralised PCA units, including the pre-conditioned air, low-pressure distribution system (LPDS) with telescopic tubes, hose reels, and an air hose with low-pressure ground connection to the aircraft. The units come with automatic process / controlling and monitoring systems.

IST supplies pre-conditioned air (PCA) and 400Hz power solutions for aircrafts on the ground.
Installed at Zurich Airport in 2000, IST’s stainless-steel telescopic tube has never had any maintenance.
Double-hose reels for aircrafts are category E-rated by IATA.
The company’s innovative PCA units are designed to meet and exceed all requirements and specifications of Airbus and Boeing.
IST offers integrated suspension systems for PCA hose reels and 400Hz cable coils.
The firm provides couplings with bend and rotary joints.
Couplings are available with flexible hoses and rotary joints.
IST specialises in the engineering, manufacturing and supply of PCA systems.

As a system integrator, IST delivers and installs 400Hz systems by different contractors. By implementing AGES as a complete system under one vendor, interfaces are reduced and the entire coordination is passed onto IST.

PCA units for aircraft

IST develops and supplies a self-contained PCA unit that ensures effective cooling, heating and air flow to all types of aircrafts, which can be affected by extremely high-pressure and temperature changes.

To suit the air-conditioning requirements of all aircraft types, the company offers two different PCA units, created in cooperation with Swiss HVAC supplier Seven-Air. These are specifically designed to meet local climatic conditions and individual needs of the airport.

Stainless-steel PCA telescopic tubes

The IST-manufactured and initially patented telescopic tube is the only PCA tube worldwide that consistently demonstrates a well above average service life of more than 20 years with low maintenance costs. Manufactured entirely out of stainless-steel, the double-wall tube is extremely stable and robust.

Due to its special sandwiched insulation, the telescopic tube achieves a very high-K value with low-temperature losses. Furthermore, pressure losses are reduced to a minimum as a result of the exceptionally smooth surfaces using stainless-steel.

Thanks to its ingenious design, the telescopic tube is self-supporting over long periods and compensates axial deviations of the bridge.

Electrically powered stainless-steel PCA hose reels

The formerly patented stainless-steel hose reel provides easy handling of the air hoses. By using a remote control device located at the connection to the aircraft, the hose reel can be operated easily and safely by one person, reducing wear to the air hose.

The use of high-quality materials ensures minimal maintenance costs and guarantees optimal function.

Spring-actuated pressure mechanism aircraft adapters

This newly developed 270° rotatable aircraft adapter with a protected flange gasket has been developed in accordance with the specifications of various airports. Equipped with spring-actuated pressure mechanism, it allows easy docking with every aircraft type.

Through the rotary joint of the adapter, the hose can always be laid-out optimally. A protective flange reduces the wear of the gasket, and the coupling comes with integrated holder for the remote control.

Integrated PCA and 400Hz power systems

In order to make sense from economical and ecological standpoints, the 400Hz power supply and PCA of an aircraft must be considered as a single, unified system. IST satisfies this requirement with its AGES offering.

By implementing AGES as a complete system under one contractor, the customer benefits by having a single point of contact whose responsibility is to coordinate the implementation of all individual components and their relevant manufacturers within the overall system.

In order to guarantee that the airport receives the best possible system on the market, IST employs the same standards of quality in the selection of subcontractors for the 400Hz systems as it does for its own PCA products.

Swiss-made aircraft ground energy systems

IST’s Swiss-made products stand for top-quality, precision, reliability and exclusivity. Since 1975, the company has committed to bringing this concept to the market through the production of its high-quality systems.

In order to ensure that Swiss standards of quality are met in every sense, IST’s products are exclusively produced by qualified staff at its location in Switzerland.