From the ergonomic handling of baggage to complex crane installations for aircraft maintenance, Demag Cranes & Components provides a comprehensive range of products for lifting and transport at airports and in hangars.

industrial cranes and crane components for material flow and logistics at airports

Demag Cranes & Components is a subsidiary of Demag Cranes and a supplier of industrial cranes and crane components for material flow, logistics and industrial drive applications. Services, such as spare parts, maintenance and refurbishment, are another key element of the company’s business activities.

Demag Cranes & Components is represented in 22 foreign subsidiaries and agencies in 46 countries all over the world. With more than 650,000 Demag brand cranes and hoists for industrial applications in operation, the company has the largest installed base worldwide.

Light crane systems for airport transportation

Proven all over the world, the KBK light crane system in steel or aluminium makes it possible to implement the optimum material flow solution for virtually any transport application. Customer requirements are met by solutions ranging from suspension monorails and single-girder cranes to complex material flow systems.

Demag's light crane system provides material flow solutions for virtually any transport application.
The DSM SpeedHoist can handle baggage weighing up to 80kg.
Our one-handed load handling equipment offers quick change coupling.
With Demag suspension cranes, there is no need for support columns. They also prevent any unwanted movement or sway.
Demag offers telescoping platform installations for maintaining and overhauling aircraft, as well as applying paint finish.

Features of the KBK include:

  • Technically advanced system that is easy to assemble
  • Compatible aluminium and steel profile sections
  • Proven in operation all over the world
  • Smooth operation and light handling
  • Solutions tailored to meet individual requirements

Airport baggage-handling systems

Demag’s DSM SpeedHoist is a fast and simple way of handling baggage items weighing up to 80kg. The system offers simple control via the rocker switch in the grip, high lifting speeds up to 70m/min for rapid handling and infinitely variable speed control. The SpeedHoist features optimum load guidance. Special hook designs are also available.

Load-handling equipment for airports

Demag’s DCM-Pro is based on the lifting unit of the DC-Pro chain hoist and the DSM-C control unit, which is connected by a helical cable. Thanks to the control unit, which is rigidly connected to the load handling attachment, the operator only needs one hand to operate the hoist and guide the load.

The system is tailored to both right and left-handed operation and offers quick-change coupling to swap the load handling device.

Suspension cranes for aviation

The installation and removal of aircraft components place high demands on crane systems. The torsionally rigid crane girder design used on Demag suspension cranes prevents any unwanted movement or load sway while parts are being transported or assembly work is carried out. Since the crane runways are fitted direct to the roof superstructure, there is no need for any support columns.

Consequently, the entire hangar area is available for maintenance and repair work, and even unscheduled work can be carried out quickly and flexibly at any time.

Telescoping platform installation for aircraft maintenance

Demag offers telescoping platform installations for maintaining and overhauling aircraft, as well as applying paint finish. They can approach any position of the plane precisely and without difficulty, allowing maintenance personnel to walk on the spacious platform. The platform also features anti-collision protective mesh fencing to prevent damage to the aircraft.