One Works is an independent design and consultancy firm offering a range of specialist aviation consulting services, including airport consulting services. The company integrates architecture, infrastructure and urban engineering, combining strength of method with power of design.

Airport design, planning, strategy and operations consultancy

With 15 years’ experience in the airport Industry, One Works is a market leader in planning and design airports and related facilities with a special attention to both passenger and freight inter-modality. One Works has a qualified and comprehensive understanding of every aspect of airport design and operations, and provides expert services for master planning, new-designing and re-designing.

One Works’ services include airside and landside infrastructure planning, design of terminals and related facilities, and technical and economical support to clients, from initial project evaluation and feasibility studies to advising strategy definition and investment planning.

Airport planning and design

Critical challenges that airports have to face demand the development of specific planning and design strategies that shift from building infrastructures in response to contingent needs, to a timely and flexible planning of refurbishing and of new developments.

Large-scale planning is the starting point to airport development, with a goal of drawing the airport's main strategic guidelines relating to economic / demographic trends and urban / infrastructure systems in the region.
Master planning integrates all economic activities increasing the value of each component, supporting the completion of programmed infrastructure development and the achievement of short and long-term growth milestones.
OWA’s integrated approach and process-driven design and engineering of passenger terminals, buildings, facilities and infrastructures focuses on achieving efficient construction and minimal long-term operating costs.
OWA extensive know-how in commercial design, terminals and transport planning provides added value and insight capacity in all layout, distribution and interior-design solutions.
We provide functional and coordinated management of retail flows, and studies of walkways with computer aided modelling, in order to simulate, verify and define the best solutions for any given distribution layout.

One Works has a qualified and comprehensive understanding of every aspect of airport design and operations, and provides expert services for master planning, new-designing and re-designing.

It can help clients turn ideas into reality, from initial planning through to construction and activation. Expertise includes the following:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Airport master planning
  • Landside/airside layout planning
  • Land-use planning
  • Airport cities planning
  • Multi-modal transport planning
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Parking facilities planning
  • Passenger terminal planning and design

Airside and landside facility planning and design

We provide planning and design services for new airside and landside areas, development and requalification. Airside facilities include:

  • Runways, aprons and taxiways
  • Aircraft parking layouts
  • Airline operational facilities
  • Fuel storage and distribution systems
  • Aircraft maintenance centres

Landside facilities include:

  • Accessibility and roadway systems
  • Development of curb sides
  • Bridges and access structures
  • Automated people mover systems

Passenger terminal building design

Passenger terminals represent the heart of the input-output process of people, luggage arrival and departure as well as of retail services and logistic supplies. Air terminal projects generate demanding functional requirements that ask for a competent multidisciplinary approach and integrated design solutions in order to meet needs and challenges.

One Works ensures these requirements are met in all its projects through a holistic approach to project design. It makes extensive use of capacity / demand analysis, and simulation and software modelling, to achieve optimum solutions for users and passengers.

Services that One Works offers for passenger terminal design include:

  • Terminal-area master planning
  • Facilities requirement
  • SW modelling and functional analysis simulation
  • Feasibility studies and terminal design-criteria definition
  • Baggage-handling systems (BHS)
  • Building architecture and engineering
  • Retail and F&B design
  • Shenghen arrivals facilities and customs services facilities
  • Cost consultancy
  • Construction supervision
  • Maintenance programme management

Airport planners, engineers, operational specialists, designers and project managers

One Works’ leadership in the aviation sector comes from the capacity to provide the multi-disciplinary input required to meet the demands of complex projects. The commitment of planners, engineers, operational specialists, designers and project managers adds value in all phases of the project.

Based in Milan, Rome and Venice with a staff of more than 60 architects, planners and engineers, One Works offers the highest standards of professional and advisory assistance for the airport sector, providing technical support and economic consultancy to clients from initial project evaluations to advising strategy definition through to investment planning.

Integrated Italian airport system planning

Thanks to its activity and expertise, One Works has recently been entitled by ENAC (the Italian civil aviation authority) to develop the master plan for the Italian airport system. The master plan – which will be completed in the next eight months – will give the national authorities the guidelines for the implementation of an integrated airport system in Italy.