Airport Equipment Services (AES) provides airport ground support equipment, as well as management and consultancy services for ground handling and organisations that intend to expand their business overseas.

Ground support equipment for airports

AES aims to be one of the best airport ground support / aircraft-related equipment servicing companies in Singapore, providing management consultancy, maintenance services and equipment of the highest quality to customers and manufacturers.

This will be achieved through the company’s ability to meet customer and supplier requirements, create new work processes and ideas, and host a well-trained and highly skilled workforce.

Airport Equipment Services (AES) provides management consultancy, maintenance services and ground support equipment.
The company's well-trained and highly skilled workforce meets customer and supplier requirements.
AES provides maintenance and servicing of all types of transport vehicles and GSE.
AES represents manufacturers / suppliers in the sale and lease of GSE and aircraft components.
The company services non-motorised GSE and deck loaders.
AES comprises a team of technical and management staff with at least 20 years of experience.

The company offers value-for-money services at a very reasonable price, without compromising work quality.

Maintenance and servicing for airport ground support equipment

AES provides maintenance and servicing of all types of airport ground support equipment (GSE) and transport vehicles, ranging from 40t main deck loaders to non-motorised GSE.

The company reconditions and repairs major components, such as engines, transmissions, braking and electrical systems, and offers after-sales service and spares support.

Supply, delivery and commissioning of equipment

AES represents manufacturers / suppliers on the sales and leasing of new and used airport GSE, aircraft interior equipment and components.

The company’s suppliers / business partners include:

  • CTV Dollesien of Germany for catering trucks
  • Xuzhou Shenyu Aviation Equipment Technology for pallet dolleys, baggage trolleys, container trailers and ramp leaders
  • Suqian Taida Airport Equipment for towed passenger steps
  • Camel Aerotech for conveyor belt loaders
  • CIMC Xinfa Equipment for airport buses
  • Hoe Heng for water and toilet trucks
  • ShenZhen TechKing Industry for full range of GSE and tech ramp equipment
  • HEE for water and toilet carts
  • New Create Engineering for GSE spares
  • UMW Equipment and Engineering
  • SAGE for GSE spares
  • ZhengZhou Yutong Bus Company for airport buses

Airport project management consultancy services

AES has many years of experience in providing project management consultancy services for airfreight terminals, airport equipment maintenance workshops, aircraft component repairs, and interior equipment manufacturing plants.

The company provides management consultancy services to two international firms, based in China and Indonesia, that have entered a joint venture business to develop a material handling system and ground handling services.

Established in Singapore since 28 January 1994, AES has an authorised capital of S$300,000.

AES has been carrying out its core business within Changi International Airport, as well as other overseas airports.

The company currently employs more than 20 experienced workers, with two at supervisory level. They are deployed at various locations to serve clients’ immediate needs. Depending on the size of projects, AES can utilise resources from its associate partners.

The company’s clients include:

  • SATS Ltd
  • Dani Aviation Services Pvt
  • Asia Power & Movers Engineering
  • BC Technology
  • Dnata (Singapore)
  • HEE

AES comprises a team of experienced management and technical staff with at least 20 years of experience in the area of maintenance and servicing of GSE and aircraft-related components.