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Building Management Systems - BMS Systems

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AI offers world-leading building management systems for airports, infrastructure and industry. Founded in 1985, the company works with its customers at all stages of their projects, from feasibility studies to maintenance once systems are up and running.

With turnkey systems and bespoke solutions designed to meet clients’ exact requirements, AI provides the tools and expertise your project requires and works with you to ensure successful implementation.

Energy and building management systems

Now more than ever, our solutions must meet the requirements of the highly specialized yet critical fields of energy conservation and building management, to ensure excellent energy distribution, secure energy supplies, optimized energy consumption and, of course, sustainable development.

AI develops complete building management systems for controlling and monitoring all mechanical and electrical systems and processes in airport buildings. AI provides utilities management and diagnoses the maintenance needs for HVAC, power distribution, CCTV, fire alarm, network communication, UPS, lighting and door access systems.

Open-source and standard business management systems

Our systems are based on open-source and standard architectures that allow user-friendly operation and maintenance. With turnkey systems and custom solutions designed to meet your specific needs, AI provides the tools and expertise your project requires and works with you to ensure successful implementation and complete integration with existing processes.

AI possesses the expertise you need to implement technically complex projects that underpin the safety, security, comfort and productivity of your airport.

Energy-efficiency solutions

Rising energy prices and stricter environmental constraints and regulations mean infrastructures have to focus on drastic reductions in energy consumption. An energy-saving program and the implementation of an efficient building management system can reduce energy costs by more than 30% with a return on investment within two or three years.

AI supports the client with solutions at all stages of an energy-saving program:

  • Phase 1 – site survey and treatment of data: on-site analysis of current operations, equipment and energy patterns (HVAC, lights, IT, lifts, etc.) and analysis of the current automation systems
  • Phase 2 – complete audit report with adjusted calculations in terms of investment, financial costs savings, energy savings and return on investment timing
  • Phase 3 – implementation and change management

Services AI can provide towards establishing effective energy-saving building management systems include:

  • Airport infrastructure (e.g. insulation and solar-protection equipment)
  • Technical installation: implementation or improvement of the building management systems, implementation of an efficient HVAC control and monitoring system, and replacement or upgrading of the equipment
  • Operation: new operation management with a special focus on energy savings maintenance, billing, users’ habits, metering, etc.

References for building management systems

European references include Zadar (Croatia), Larnaca (Cyprus), Bezmer (Bulgaria), Baneasa (Romania), Debrecen (Hungary), and Vatry, Saint Yan, Bordeaux, Nice, Dole, Lyon, Lille, Auxerre and Pau (France).

Other worldwide references include Polynesia, Reunion Island, Cayenne, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Martinique, Guadeloupe, New Caledonia, Sanaa (Yemen), Tehran (Iran), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Aleppo (Syria), Manila (the Philippines), Montevideo (Uruguay), Djibouti (Djibouti), Garoua (Cameroun), Melbourne (Australia), ADCO (Emirates), Nanosny (Azerbaijan), Bata (Equatorial Guinea), Libreville (Gabon), Dakar (Senegal), Bongkot (Thailand) and Janadria (Saudi Arabia).

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Despite an atmosphere of uncertainty due to the economic crisis, we have experienced a rather peaceful year in 2009, partly due to our experience and reputation, which brought us the loyalty of our customers. In order to fully meet our customers' specific needs, an expert in renewable energy

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173 rue du rocher de Lorzier