Linton works with a vast array of organisations, including airports, to provide litter management products specific to their needs. These include metal bins, waste paper bins, fire-retardant litter bins, recycling bins, ashstands, ashtrays, pedal bins, sack holders and cigarette bins.

Colour, logo, finish and design can all be customised to give the customer the perfect solution that both services the need for litter management and reflects the image that the customer needs to portray.

We also offer plastic litter bins, from office bins to outdoor litter bins.

Fire-retardant litter bins

Linton produces a wide range of fire-retardant bins, including push-flap litter bins, stainless-steel litter bins (a safe and hygienic means of containing waste in sensitive environments), and bullet-style litter bins.

Linton produces a wide range of fire-retardant bins.
We produce a range of litter bins specifically for indoor use.
Our bins specifically for cigarette ash include external ashstands and ash / litter bins; pictured is the 497STR ash / litter bin.
The SEN100N external ashstand is one of our special rust-resistant external and wall ashbins, which include wall ashtrays, external ashstands and floor ashboxes.
We manufacture a range of wall mounted and external ashstands and smokers' outposts.

We also manufacture a swivel-top stainless steel bin with an optional galvanised, easy lift-out liner, and a swivel-top litter bin which can be used to secure a polythene bag in place.

Internal litter bins

We produce a range of litter bins specifically for indoor use, including:

  • 487D litter bins and 497ETD litter bins (Zintec steel body with domed top)
  • 701STB litter bins (Zintec steel body with stainless-steel bezel top)
  • 701L swivel litter bins (Zintec steel body with stainless-steel top)
  • 544STBSS stainless-steel litter bins (lift-off polished stainless-steel bezel which can be used to secure a polythene bag in place)
  • 544STF litter bins (powder-coated Zintec steel body with stainless-steel funnel lid)
  • LA509 / LA508 stainless-steel perforated bins
  • 464T wall litter bins (with lid)
  • 464 wall litter bins (without lid)
  • 465T litter bins (with handle lid)

External ashstand and ash / litter bins

Linton also produces bins specifically for cigarette ash. These include the 374H ash stand bin and the 487H ash / litter bin (both with black metal ashtray bowl) and the 497STR ash / litter bin with lift-off polished stainless-steel top with ashtray recess. Our 497STF and 501STC ash / litter bins, meanwhile, have an ashtray top assembly incorporating a black metal bowl with stainless-steel top.

Rust-resistant external and wall ashbins

Linton manufactures a wide range of special rust-resistant external and wall ashbins. These include external ashstands, wall ashtrays and floor ashboxes.

Bin mounting brackets

In addition, we provide brackets for mounting our ashstand and ash litter bins. These include wall-mounting brackets, free-standing double brackets, and free-standing single floor-mounted brackets.

External ashstands and smokers’ outposts

The 1060A3 standard smokers’ outpost’s patented design keeps out the elements and extinguishes cigarettes quickly; without sand or water. The 10610 Landark galvanised liner collects cigarette waste and makes cleaning easy.

The 10650 Classico ashstand has a patented oxygen restricting design extinguishes cigarettes quickly without the need for sand or water, whilst the SOP200 smoke stand’s cigarette receptacle internal cigarette snuffer keeps outside appearance ash-free.

The wall-mounted smokers’ outpost unit’s a space-saving design is perfect for wall or column placement. Wall-mount bracket is included, and there is an internal snuffer to put cigarettes out.

The 10608 standard LitterMate ashstand is a perfect companion to the 1060A3 standard smokers’ outpost. The covered lid is ideal for outdoor location, and it is moulded from high-density polyethylene for long life and durability.

Litter and cigarette end bin accessories

Whilst primarily a manufacturer, Linton can supply many litter and cigarette end bins accessories sourced through a variety of suppliers to offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ facility to all its customers.

Customised litter management solutions

Customer care is paramount to the company’s mission and Linton’s ability to deliver litter bins, ashstands and litter management services to meet the needs of all the customers is proven by the quantity of repeat orders received. A key factor for many customers is Linton’s ability to meet individual needs through flexible customisation of the products.