AvLogix Solutions is a logistics automation consultancy firm based in Australia, offering services for the design and implementation of baggage handling systems and cargo handling solutions in airport environments.

We also develop parcel freight and warehouse automation solutions for supply chain operations. The company provides its services throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region.

Airport logistics design and implementation consulting

AvLogix offers complete services for baggage handling, cargo and freight systems with extensive expertise in project management, operational planning, simulation and testing. We provide ongoing monitoring of system performance to ensure that operations continue working optimally throughout their lifetime.

Independent consulting for airport handling automation

As an experienced independent consultancy firm, we aim to simplify logistics interactions through the innovative design of our solutions. Our expertise across a number of industries has allowed us to create advanced systems to optimise your processes.

Automated baggage handling and logistics solutions can be customised to meet individual airport requirements.
AvLogix Solutions provides complete consultancy and project management services for installation of baggage handling systems at airports.
AvLogix Solutions is a specialist in warehouse and airport logistics automation.

Our team works on the concept, design and delivery management of projects that add value to aviation industry operators.

Design services for airport equipment

Our design services ensure that airports receive tailored solutions to cater to their unique operational needs. These include audits of the existing system capacity, support infrastructure capability, security analysis and stakeholder consultation.

The design outputs include concept development, 3D modelling, graphical simulation, requirements and performance specification and documentation that enables suppliers to be sourced to deliver an integrated solution.

AvLogix Solutions advanced simulation modelling demonstrates the expected system performance to prove concepts before creating them. This smooths the implementation and testing process and ensures that systems will operate as intended once implemented.

Comprehensive project management for airport installations

Our company specialises in delivering start-to-finish consulting for the aviation industry. Extensive project management experience allows our team to deliver the required outcomes.

Our services include risk management, quality control, procurement support, supplier proposal review, supplier coordination, business continuity planning and operational planning.

About AvLogix Solutions

AvLogix Solutions staff have many years of experience working with global organisations worldwide, including many of the major materials handling system suppliers, on the development of innovative solutions for airports.

Our designers and project managers have extensive experience spanning more than 20 years working as equipment suppliers, software developers, design consultants and end users. We combine our expertise in delivering customised solutions to implement best practice and leading technologies into our markets.

AvLogix Solutions has carried out work in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Townsville in Australia, as well as Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand. We have also implemented projects in South East Asia and in China with support from our Beijing office.

The company is a corporate member of the Australian Airports Association and the Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia.