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Airport Consultancy, Planning, Studies, Programming, Design and Engineering

Airport Consultancy International (ACI) provides airport consultancy, planning, design and engineering services in collaboration with its network of advisors, specialists, economists, airport architects, engineers and builders.


Airport Consultancy International (ACI) provides airport consultancy, planning, design and engineering services in collaboration with its network of advisors, specialists, economists, airport architects, engineers and builders.

ACI offers solutions in accordance with clients’ airport requirements, adds maximum value to businesses at a competitive cost, and aims to build long-term partnerships with its high-quality services and reliable products.

Airport consultancy services

The company provides consultancy services to airport and civil aviation authorities, concessionaires and international development banks.

ACI’s airport design consultants perform feasibility studies, as well as re-construction and development plan reviews to support capital investment decision makers.

ACI and reitsema & partners delivered master planning, facility sizing, programming and design development services to a concessionaire who was granted a finance, design, build, operate (FDBO) contract for Twente Airport, The Netherlands.
ACI participated in the technical structuring of the Queen Alia International Airport PPP tender documentation, and was responsible for the airport's due diligence and terminal area development study.
ACI assisted in the terminal expansion programme studies of Phnom Penh International Airport and Siem Reap International Airport, Cambodia, and was responsible for facility sizing, flow optimization and conceptual floorplans.
ACI reviewed way-finding proposals for Siem Reap International Airport and Phnom Penh International Airport, Cambodia, and delivered recommendations for improvements.
ACI was involved in the technical structuring of PPP tender documentation for Alexander the Great Airport and Ohrid Airport, Macedonia. The company was also responsible for airport due diligence, sizing and development studies.
ACI offers interactive web services to support airports and stakeholders in monitoring terminal building capacity and demand, as well as assessing passenger handling processing equipment and space requirements. The assessment results are delivered instantly.
ACI has implemented airport system design interface management services for the KLIA 2 development of Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Detection of interface issues prevents clash management during construction.
ACI has been involved in many terminal building sizing, programming, design and engineering projects covering the full range of terminal concepts located worldwide.
ACI has been involved in many sizing, programming, design and engineering projects covering the full scope of airport and airline operations facilities, as well as public, commercial and utility buildings.

Master plan reviews and updates are also offered to support a client’s mission statement and strategic airport development planning.

Airport analysis for development

ACI carries out studies covering a range of areas, including airport due diligence, re-construction and development, airport infrastructure mitigation and capacity enhancement, terminal area and cargo city development, multimodal transport hubs, construction phasing, and public-private partnership (PPP) technical structuring.

Programming, airport design and engineering services are offered to stakeholders for the conception and elaboration of airside, terminal and landside operations and utility buildings.

State-of-the-art airport consultancy concepts

ACI provides dedicated consultancy services to organisations running small to medium-sized airports.
The company has introduced an IT-based, state-of-the-art airport consultancy concept, known as the airport terminal monitor (ATM).

Delivering instant results, this valuable interactive tool has been developed for the aviation industry using the in-house expertise embedded within airport organisations.

Master plan studies, land use and terminal area development planning

ACI offers master planning services for small and medium-sized airports.

The services consist of updates and reviews to assess airport capacity and operations performance, and reserve land for unrestrictive expansion of airport infrastructure, operations and facilities, utilities and commercial development.

Master plan studies are also performed to anticipate traffic forecasts in the short, medium, and long-term.

Airport studies

Airport due diligence studies assess the current state and capacity of airports’ infra-structure, facilities and utilities for airport development and investment plans.

ACI also performs re-construction and development studies to fuel investment programmes that support the upgrade of existing airport applications, in compliance with international standards.

Airport infrastructure mitigation studies reveal bottlenecks in departure and arrival flows, as well as suggest temporary and cost-effective measures to enhance the handling capacity of the weakest links to secure ongoing operations.

Passenger terminal and cargo handling area development studies are sub-studies detailing the related facilities, including landside and airside development.

Multimodal transport hub studies connect the pick-up and drop-off points of different modes of public and private transport offered to and from the airport, such as cars, buses, taxis, and trains.

Airport construction phasing studies show intermediate measures during construction in order to secure handling capacity and ongoing airport operations.

Airport PPP technical structuring studies include the delivery of a current state report, development planning, construction phasing and capital expenditure.

Airport facilities sizing and programming, design and engineering services

Facility sizing is offered for all types and sizes of terminals, assessing the total gross floor area, a detailed functional breakdown of its parts and the expected footprint.

Deliverables can be used for capital expenditure (CAPEX) projections fuelling airport expansion investment plans, and can be used as a solid basis for terminal programming.

ACI offers programming, design and engineering services for a range of facilities, such as passenger and cargo terminals, rescue and fire fighting (RFF) and air traffic control (ATC) towers.

It also supports facilities for airport and ground support equipment (GSE) maintenance, airport security, airport authority, airline crew, in-flight catering, and aircraft maintenance and handling.

ACI provides system interface management services, which manage the coherence and consistency of airport development design programmes and deliverables executed by different consultancies for airfield, airport terminal, and landside facilities.

About Airport Consultancy International

ACI has delivered services at 56 airports in 28 countries.

The company offers a high level of interdisciplinary understanding of airport development, covering landside, terminal, and airside facilities.

ACI aims to provide solutions that maximise revenues for airports and airlines, as well as a seamless travel experience for passengers.

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