Telegenix provides reliable and scalable voice communications switching systems (VCSS) for military and civilian air traffic control (ATC) applications.

The company’s systems offer full non-blocking and conferencing capabilities, as well as independent digital and analogue recording ports, and can be easily reconfigured, upgraded and expanded on-site.

VCSS for high-speed ATC networks

Telegenix’s PROCOM 1700 VCSS operates over high-speed communication networks, such as those used in fixed and mobile air traffic control (ATC) towers.

Telegenix provides voice communications switching systems (VCSS) for air traffic control (ATC) towers.
The company's VCSS systems can be easily reconfigured and upgraded on-site.
The PROCOM 1700 serves high-speed communication networks in fixed and mobile air traffic control (ATC) towers.
The PROCOM 1700 offers a variety of features, including a 12.1in colour touchscreen, multi-channel recordability and speaker / microphone connection capabilities.
With the PROCOM 1800 VCSS, users can combine radios and wired communications in one versatile switching system that complies with military and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.
The PROCOM 2000 Series Integrated VCSS enables audio switching and radio control, PBX, landlines, interphone and intercom capabilities.

The system features a 12.1in colour touchscreen, multi-channel recordability, speaker / microphone connection capabilities, up to eight circuits comprised of local telephone interfaces / radios, and four optional private branch exchange (PBX) / Co interface circuits. It also provides software-managed accessibility features, multiple user profiles and a simple graphical user interface (GUI).

Built to meet EN 55022 and EN 55024 standards, the system runs on a real-time operating system and features front panel status indicators, system administration tools, and digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities for audio.

Switching systems for ATC and mobile tactical control communications

The PROCOM 1800 VCSS provides audio switching and control capacities for radios, PBX applications, landlines, interphones and intercoms. It can be used to enhance communication systems for air traffic control towers, emergency services, command centres and mobile tactical control facilities, as well as training and simulation purposes.

The commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) system can be integrated using standard virtual machine environment (VME) style system enclosures and standard connector types on all interfaces, including radios, operators position stations (OPS) and landlines. In addition, a fully documented Windows-based system administration tool facilitates online or offline configuration and system optimisation.

The PROCOM 1800 features a low-profile (1U) central node providing up to 28 ports. Nodes can be interconnected to larger systems, such as the PROCOM 2000 or an additional PROCOM 1800, while the system’s colour-touchscreen OPS provide intuitive, easy-to-use access to all system interfaces.

Signals in the PROCOM 1800 switching nodes are digitally processed, switched, combined and routed, while external analogue audio is digitised by line interface units. Each switching communication control unit (CCU) has internal switching capabilities for 28 channels.

Mounted in a standard 19in rack, the system is powered by a direct current (DC) source and built to meet electromagnetic interference (EMI) / radio-frequency interference (RFI) standards, including Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA), MIL-STD-1275 and MIL-STD-461.

Integrated switching system with additional ports for ATC applications

The PROCOM 2000 VCSS enables users to combine radios and wired communications into one versatile switching system that complies with major aviation and military regulations. The VCSS has been developed to meet the highest durability and reliability standards.

Telegenix offers standalone PROCOM 2000 communication systems with interfaces that accommodate 56 or 120 ports. Nodes can be interconnected to build up systems with thousands of non-blocking interfaces.

The systems are provided with field-configurable system databases, as well as touchscreen OPS’ that enable intuitive, easy access with fully programmable functions.

OPS can be located up to 6km away on a simple two-wire or directed to another continent using IP gateways. All critical functions can be configured for full redundancy using LIU modules, which automatically assume operational status and bypass defective modules.

Similar to the PROCOM 1800, the PROCOM 2000 can be mounted in transportable environments, is easily integrated using standard connector types and VME-style system enclosures, and features an administration tool for system configuration.

About Telegenix

Established in 1964, Telegenix is an ISO: 9001-certified provider of VCSS solutions.

The company has supplied systems to US Government agencies and military forces, including the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, Federal Aviation Administration, Nasa and National Security Agency (NSA), as well as various non-governmental prime contractors, industrial and original equipment manufacturers.