Security Services for the Airport Industry

Sint Lendriksborre 3,
1120 Brussels,

Sint Lendriksborre 3,
1120 Brussels,

The Securitas Group is a global knowledge leader in security. Founded in 1934 in Sweden it now has 300,000 people in 52 countries.

Securitas Aviation is the segment entirely focused on security in and around airports and related businesses.

Airport security concepts, expert insight and consulting services

Securitas Aviation is the segment entirely focused on security in and around airports and related businesses.

Through individual national companies, Securitas is present at over 150 airports in Europe, the US, South America and Asia with a workforce of about 20,000 staff. To meet today’s challenges and the future demands of the industry it invests heavily in training at all levels.

Securitas also designs and implements whole end-to-end airport security concepts and provides expert insight and specific consulting services.

Aviation security is Securitas’ core business, which means it is able to:

  • Raise awareness to dissuade
  • Protect and prevent to create security and peace of mind
  • Serve airports, airlines, freight forwarders and many other airport-related businesses

Airport security services

Securitas is recognised as a best-practice leader in airport security with an internal audit system with EU-certified auditors.

Its main security activities include:

  • Screening of passengers
  • Screening hold and hand baggage, cargo and mail
  • Access control
  • General surveillance and guarding (patrolling, CCTV)
  • Passenger-related security processes
  • Profiling and additional screening of passengers and baggage
  • Aircraft security, cargo and mail
  • Dog security
  • Cargo / courier screening and security
  • Catering company security
  • Hotels and parking surveillance
  • Access control

Security training for airports

Rigorous personality and attitude checks are the basis of Securitas’ recruitment. A social and technical competence profile defines each job. Integrity, vigilance and helpfulness are fundamental character traits that it looks for whatever the job description.

All of its training efforts are focused on improving security while enhancing the passenger experience.

Risk analysis and management services for airports

Securitas offers tailor-made service packages to provide you with the manpower, systems and knowledge to meet all security objectives.

Every contract is the result of a detailed risk analysis. Securitas does not just looking at security risks but it also studies the financial, operational and contractual risks.

Tailored security for airlines, airports and airport-related businesses

Securitas Aviation Division offers airlines, airports and airport-related businesses tailored security solutions that allow them to concentrate on their core business while it focuses on the security challenges.

As trainers and mentors with more than 25 years of experience, it knows how to select, train and audit the people.

Its experience in aviation security can help you comply with the legal requirements relevant to your business and location.

Auckland Airport International Terminal Expansion

Auckland International Airport is set for a major upgrade of its international terminal, with the aim of increasing the airport's capacity, as well as enhancing the passenger experience.

Securitas Aviation


Sint Lendriksborre 3

1120 Brussels