The ANA Group is made up of a set of businesses in the aviation sector, and as such, its economic base is linked to evolution in the domain of passenger air travel.

Analyses of trends in the civil aviation industry continue to confirm that air travel is a means of transportation in expansion. Thus, the group’s strategic focus has been directed toward providing the travelling public with the highest quality service as well as deepening its commercial relationships with affiliated business interests, all in an atmosphere of sound, market-oriented management conceived to create added value.

Airport operator

Our vision is to achieve a profitable and sustainable business, by positioning our company among the best-managed airport operators of comparable size, leveraging our relationship with customers and stakeholders.

Management of airport infrastructures

ANA strives to efficiently manage our airport infrastructures and to contribute toward the economic, social and cultural development of the surrounding communities.

The ANA Group provides market-oriented management to the aviation sector.
ANA strives to efficiently manage airport infrastructures.

We provide our customers with a world-class service offering, and are fully focused on understanding our customers’ needs and fulfilling them flawlessly.

We honour our commitments with customers, communities, shareholders and stakeholders in a professional manner.

Creative airport infrastructure management

We continually strive to improve our management of airport infrastructures, encouraging an open-minded and creative approach to management. We are committed to meeting ambitious targets.

Sustainability in airport management

The main strategic focus of ANA can be expressed as striving for sustained growth in operational efficiency and in the optimisation of its business portfolio. Realising that sustainability in airport management can only be guaranteed through dynamism within the aviation sector itself, we have gone in search of business partners for better-balanced management.

This concept translates, in terms of economic benefits, into a relevant aspect on par with satisfying customer needs and minimising environmental impact. As part of the global strategy, corporate responsibility for these issues is assumed fully and completely at all levels of the organisation.

Investment planning for airport infrastructures

An initiative is being aimed at the development of new management skills and systems, in particular those regarding the management of investment planning for airport infrastructures (a field that we envision will improve productivity and increase the efficiency of operations).

The strategic plan which we have identified has been assembled in a broad programme of five macro-projects called innovate, communicate, attain results and optimise (ICARO). The five projects will:

  • Increase the efficiency of airport marketing
  • Monitor and communicate ANA’s level of quality
  • Improve productivity and optimise material resources
  • Capitalise on infrastructure investments
  • Perfect the ANA business model

This programme, considered a tool for attaining the strategic objectives, will be overseen directly by the Administrative Commission. It will endeavour to stimulate knowledge and communication, strengthen the work of multi-function groups and involve the organisation in accountability for decisions taken.

Airport consultancy services

ANA Consulting is a business unit of ANA Group that provides expert consultancy services in the airport business, drawing on the accumulated experience and know-how of the group.

This experience ranges from the management and operation of small regional airports with the chief objective of providing an indispensable public service — as in the case of Flores Airport — to the management and operation of Lisbon airport, an international hub and operating basis for several airlines.

Moreover, ANA Consulting manages Faro Airport (one of Europe’s biggest tourist airports) as well as Porto Airport, which is among the best regional airports in the Iberian Peninsula.

ANA Consultancy’s competency is a result of 20 years’ experience in airport management, and the expertise of a team of experienced and highly qualified staff.