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Aircraft Access Stands, MRO Tools, Logistics Services and Intralogistics Equipment

MAKRO AERO designs, develops and manufactures aircraft access stands, stepladders, platforms and docking systems for the aviation industry.

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MAKRO AERO designs, develops and manufactures aircraft access stands, stepladders, platforms and docking systems for the aviation industry.

We offer more than 80 different types of stands, platforms and stepladders, ranging from simple standard access steps, to complex and large bespoke docking structures. Our systems are used by Airbus and Boeing aircraft, as well as Sikorsky helicopters.

All our solutions can be customised for clients that require tailor-made systems and we continually broaden our product range in line with the latest industry requirements.

Aircraft and helicopter access stands, platforms and stepladders

MAKRO AERO platforms, access stands, and stepladders provide easy and safe access to all areas of the aircraft.

MAKRO AERO's Docking Platforms provide a comfortable and safe working area for technicians.
We offer height-adjustable cargo bay stands for wide body and narrow body aircrafts.
Our docking platforms are easy to assemble and reconfigurable to increase efficiency.
We provide tools to mount and dismount the nose and main landing gear of narrow body aircraft.
The MAKRO AERO A330 / A340 MLG Trolley is equipped with industry-recognised safety and quality features.
Our PAX Door Stands are available in different height options.
MAKRO AERO provides stands for easy access to the pylon, wing, and stabiliser compartment areas.
We offer a range of shake-free PAX door stands, which are functional and affordable.
Our engine cowl dolly is designed to increase efficiency when working on aircraft engine covers.
The wing docking platform provides easy access for maintenance.

We use aluminium and modular systems in our design process, which make our stands lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Modular systems also facilitate easy assembly and transportation.

Limited hangar and apron space is also considered in the design of our products to ensure that they do not occupy a large amount of space in operational areas.

MAKRO AERO multi-purpose stands (MPS) are designed to allow technicians to carry out work on the aircraft’s fuselage, tail, nose, wings, passenger doors, and pylon using one easily manoeuvrable stand.

MAKRO AERO access stands, platforms and ladders are supported by balance strengthening systems to avoid them tipping when weight is applied on the edges or corners during work. Products are made to be stable and shake-free, ensuring safety for workers and passengers.

Our range of durable products features anti-corrosion materials for a long service-life whether they are deployed indoors and outdoors. Spare parts are available on request and the systems are easy to maintain. We also offer customer support for all of our products.

Aircraft maintenance docking and painting docking systems

MAKRO AERO manufactures full or partial docking systems to encompass tail, wing, crown, nose and cockpit areas of the aircraft.

We design docking systems that are easy to assemble and reconfigurable to help increase the level of productivity in aircraft maintenance or painting activities. They are designed and developed by highly experienced engineers in order to create an efficient solution.

Our maintenance docking and painting docking systems feature hard rubber edges to avoid any damage to the aircraft.

Platforms have a large area and feature slip-resistant material to allow technicians to work safely and efficiently. Platform size can be adjusted according to customer specification.

Electrical equipment and lighting can also be fitted on our docking systems if required.

MRO tool design and manufacture

MAKRO AERO provides solutions for tools used in maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO). They are designed to increase effectiveness and efficiency for technicians working on aircraft.

We offer custom-made MRO tools in addition to our standard range, which we develop based on the latest customer needs.

Ground support equipment for airports

MAKRO AERO designs and manufactures a variety of ground support equipment such as tyre and brake carts, belt loaders, dollies, telescopic belt conveyors, towable passenger stairs, engine transportation equipment and towbars.

We can design products according to customer specifications and consistently work to expand our product range.

Logistics services and intralogistics equipment

We offer logistics services and intralogistics equipment, featuring affordable and efficient material handling equipment for a range of airport operations. Our products are designed to enhance throughput and operational productivity, available from a standard range, as well as customised solutions.


We collaborate with customers to ensure that our products provide an efficient and optimal solution for airport operations. We spend a significant amount of time working closely with clients to design our tailor-made products.

Our manufacturing facility in Istanbul is located close to two airports and two seaports, which means we can easily ship our products worldwide.

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    MAKRO AERO offers a range of access stands, platforms, maintenance and docking systems for civil, military and business aviation sectors.

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