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Checkpoint and Baggage-Screening Security Imaging Systems

Analogic is a growth-oriented, high-technology signal and image-processing company providing products and services to the aviation security industry and growing medical diagnostics markets throughout the world.

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Analogic is a growth-oriented, high-technology signal and image-processing company providing products and services to the aviation security industry and growing medical diagnostics markets throughout the world. Analogic is known worldwide for continuing invention and innovation in computed tomography (CT). The company’s 3D continuous glow CT technology provides threat detection from every angle.

CT-based security imaging systems

Analogic CT is the aviation security industry’s most advanced technology for detecting current and evolving threats at baggage and passenger security checkpoints. Leveraging its knowledge of medical CT, Analogic has been developing advanced CT-based security imaging systems for over a decade.

Explosive-assessment computed tomography scanner

Analogic’s EXplosive Assessment Computed Tomography (EXACT®) scanner is the heart of L-3 Communications’ Transportation Securities Administration (TSA)-certified eXaminer® 3DX automatic explosives detection system (EDS). Since the first deployment, more than 900 eXaminer 3DX systems have been installed at airports in 26 countries to scan checked luggage for explosives before they are loaded onto aircraft.

Checked baggage and checkpoint threat-detection systems

After the tremendous success of the eXaminer 3DX, Analogic has continued to create more advanced high-performance checked and checkpoint threat detection systems to help secure the world’s airports. Its eXaminer SX checked luggage system is designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized airports, and the eXaminer XLB is ideal for large, high-traffic airports.

Designed for small and medium-sized airports, the eXaminer SX supports throughput of up to 360 bags each hour for inline checked baggage applications.
Designed for large airports, the eXaminer XLB supports throughput of up to 1,100 bags each hour for inline checked baggage applications.
The OnGuard Cobra system brings CT 3-D continuous flow technology to the security checkpoint, with 360° image rotation reducing rescans and secondary searches.
The OnGuard DualUse system can be used at small and medium-sized airports to scan both carry-on items and checked baggage.
OnGuard Streamline provides breakthrough detection capabilities: low false alarm rates in a compact footprint are ideal for aviation security checkpoints.

The eXaminer SX was certified by the TSA in November 2008 and by the Service Technique de l’Aviation Civile (STAC) in France in December 2008. The eXaminer XLB is expected to be certified by TSA later in 2009.

Aviation checkpoint CT security systems

For checkpoint applications, Analogic is introducing a new generation of CT systems. Analogic OnGuard checkpoint CT systems are proven to identify hidden threats with more precision and predictability while decreasing false alarms and increasing passenger throughput.

Explosive, gun, liquid and contraband detection system

The OnGuard Cobra® system can automatically detect a wide array of threats, such as small amounts of explosives, guns, liquids or other contraband, in carry-on (or carry-in) luggage. OnGuard Cobra brings CT Auto-EDS capability to the airport checkpoint.

Dual-use checkpoint and checked baggage security system

The innovative OnGuard DualUse™ system, which can be used for both checkpoint and checked baggage security, is the only system of its kind in the industry. It is ideal for small and medium-sized airports that wish to possess EDS technology without the expense of purchasing two separate pieces of equipment.

Reduced false-alarm checkpoint detection system

The soon-to-be introduced OnGuard Streamline™ checkpoint system is a significant breakthrough, integrating unsurpassed detection capabilities with low false alarm rates. With a surprisingly small footprint, false alarm rates of less than 8% and a totally simplified user interface, this new system is projected to provide four times the detection effectiveness of current dual-view advanced technology (AT) systems currently being deployed in airports in the US.

Advanced imaging technology

Analogic’s advanced imaging technology using volumetric CT allows security officers to detect threats quickly, intelligently, and unobtrusively. This keeps passengers and their belongings moving quickly through the airport and onto their ultimate travel destination safely and securely.


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