Rucker Equipamentos Industriais (Rucker) provides ground support equipment (GSE) and refuelling systems to major national and international airline handlers, as well as catering and petroleum companies.

The company offers more than 30 different products for airports, seaports and industrial applications, as well as technical assistance, training, aftermarket parts supply and equipment refurbishment.

In 2011, Rucker established a partnership agreement with Chinese GSE manufacturer Weihai Guangtai to act as its exclusive distributor in Latin America.

Aircraft refuellers and hydrant dispensers

Rucker’s aircraft refuellers and hydrant dispensers are designed to refuel and de-fuel commercial and military turbine-powered aircraft. The general design of the vehicles allows fuelling operations to be completed easily and safely by one operator. The refuelling units provide AVGAS and JET fuel at speeds ranging from 50gpm to 1,000gpm, and in volumes from 1,000l to 50,000l.

Rucker provides aircraft refuellers for commercial and military turbine-powered aircraft.
The company's push-back tractors offer automatic power-shift transmission and power for towing, maintenance operations, and hangar and gate positioning.
Motorised passenger stairs provide comfortable and safe access to narrow, medium and wide-body aircraft.
The Guangtai container / pallet loader is capable of holding loads up to 14,000kg, and serves aircrafts with sill heights up to 5,600mm.
Rucker provides vehicles for servicing and cleans aircraft potable water systems and lavatories.
Catering highloader trucks are used to load and unload food trolleys onto / from aircraft.
Rucker's baggage conveyor belt loader features a boom that can be elevated or lowered to the optimal height for cargo loading / unloading operations.
The company's 400Hz ground power units (GPUs) are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
Rucker's terminal tractors offer low operating costs, and faster turnaround times and high-manoeuvrability.
The Rucker Medical Lift is used to help passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) to board aircraft.

Tractors for terminals and aircraft manoeuvres

Rucker offers a complete range of conventional aircraft tow tractors that accommodate ground handler and airline requirements for a variety of aircraft, ranging from private aeroplanes to A380s. The tractors offer a low-profile design, automatic power-shift transmission, and appropriated power for towing, hangar and gate positioning, and maintenance operations.

Rucker also provides terminal tractors that feature a high-quality design and components to maximise uptime and keep clients operations on the move in marine ports, distribution centres, industrial facilities and terminals. The tractors offer fast turnaround times, low operating costs, high-manoeuvrability and comfort, easily accessible service points and reliability.

Baggage conveyor belt loaders

Rucker’s baggage conveyor belt loader is a custom-designed, diesel-powered solution for loading and unloading aircraft baggage and cargo. It features a boom that can be elevated or lowered at both ends to achieve the best height for loading and unloading, as well as a throttle that allows operators to adjust the belt speed manually.

Catering highloaders and lifts for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM)

Rucker provides catering highloader trucks, which are primarily used for loading / unloading food trolley and beverages into / from aircraft. The solution consists of a basic commercial truck chassis mounted with a hydraulically operated scissors lift, an elevatable van body with a front platform, and two pairs of angled vertical stabilisers.

The company also offers the Rucker Medical Lift, which transports passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) between the airport concourse and aircraft. Passengers board the lift at ground level before being comfortably transferred onto the aircraft.

The lift unit is assembled on a regular chassis, which has been designed to serve narrow and wide-body aeroplanes. The chassis cabin may be cut along the mid-longitudinal axis, allowing it to reach aeroplane door sill heights up to 2,700mm.

Self-propelled loader and dollies for containers and pallets

Rucker’s self-propelled, dual-platform Guangtai loader is designed to lift and transfer cargo pallets. It features a swing-out power module that provides easy access to the loader’s components for maintenance and servicing. Featuring an operator’s console that can be manoeuvred to enhance user safety, the loader serves aircrafts with sill heights of up to 5,600mm, and carries cargo loads up to 14,000kg.

Rucker’s also provides a dolly designed to handle pallets and aircraft containers. This unit is manufactured with carbon-steel beams and galvanised rollers for side or front loads. When activated, the dolly’s town bar drives its wheel brake system.

Potable water and aircraft lavatory service vehicles

Rucker provides its Aircraft Potable Water Vehicle for servicing aircraft potable water systems, and its Aircraft Lavatory Service Vehicles, which collect waste and clean aircraft lavatories. The Potable Water Vehicle features a lifting platform, which can be fitted with a booth water supply hose, a coupler and a water flow meter.

Compatible with existing and recognised next-generation aircraft, the vehicles simplify aircraft servicing and waste removal, as well as reduce flight delays and maintenance costs. Both vehicles feature fully enclosed, self-contained, stainless-steel units that can be mounted on a standard cab type chassis, and are compact enough for vehicles to drive under narrow and wide-body aircraft.

Self-propelled and towable passenger stairs

Rucker’s self-propelled passenger stairs provide safe and comfortable access to narrow, medium and wide-body aircraft with door sill heights between 2.20m and 5.80m. The height of the telescopic stairway may be adjusted step-by-step to help passengers embark and disembark safely. In addition, the extruded-aluminium steps have a highly efficient, non-slip surface to enhance safety, as well as aluminium handrails and bright stairway lighting.

Rucker has also designed reliable, low-cost, towable Aircraft Passenger Boarding Stairs for passengers entering or exiting aircraft parked in airport apron areas. The stair assembly is mounted on a towable chassis and consists of a pivoted lower flight and a telescopic upper flight.

The stairway can be tilted and extended to achieve the best elevation in its working range, and has four hydraulically operated vertical stabilisers to enhance stability. A mechanical parking brake is automatically applied when the solution’s tow bar is lifted.

Ground power units (GPUs) for aircraft

Rucker combines superior design, performance, reliability and value to meet the critical requirements of all aircraft types. Based on state-of-the-art technology, customer-influenced designs and years of experience, Rucker’s ground power units meet aircraft requirements for high-quality 400Hz power.

Air-conditioning units for wide-body aircraft cabins

Rucker offers self-contained, diesel-powered air-conditioning units for wide-body aircraft cabins. Designed to endure adverse airport conditions, the systems are widely used to cool parking ramps while passengers are boarding the aircraft. The air-conditioning units provide approximately eight hours of continuous operation per full fuel tank (460l), as well as easy maintenance access to all components.

Jet engine activation systems

Rucker’s air start units are used to activate jet engines by producing 180ppm-290ppm airflows with an adjustable air pressure of up to 42psi. Each unit consists of a diesel engine with the latest emissions-compliant, air-cooled and oil-free rotary screw compressor and air regulating system, as well as sound attenuation material and a control panel.

Industrial tow tugs for airports

The company provides liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and diesel-powered hydrostatic tugs, capable of towing loads up to 40t. Tugs can be used for airport apron and industrial logistic operations, as well as indoor and outdoor cargo handling.