Aena is a public corporate enterprise for Spanish airports and air navigation, and is part of the Ministry of Public Works. Aena is one of the world leaders in air traffic management, providing air traffic control services for aircraft flying in Spanish airspace and (communication, navigation and surveillance-air traffic management) CNS/ATM systems procurement and operation.

Aeronautical consulting in air traffic control and airports

Our experience in airports includes both air traffic control (ATC) and airport air side optimisation services. In the same way, we offer safe and efficient en-route services anywhere. We can also provide different services in the fields of air traffic services (ATS) and airports, and our experience in CNS/ATM technology and infrastructure projects management to provide an engineering consultancy service.

Airport operations and development tools

AENA offers to airlines a range of safe and efficient en route and aerodrome services. Aena’s investment in a number of innovative systems and products can help to deliver major benefits to clients.

  • En-route and aerodrome (tower) ATC services: SACTA system for ATC management
  • Expertise in airspace and procedures development for air navigation service safety managemen

For optimisation on runways and in airspace, we have two ad-hoc self-developed tools. PICAP is software that analyses runway capacity and enhancement, while NORVASE is a tool to analyse and improve airspace sectorisation capacity. We can also provide real-time and fast-time simulations based on real data.

New Aena headquarters, since January 2012, located near Madrid-Barajas Airport.
Aena offers aerodrome tower ATC services, based on SACTA system for ATC management.
Aena offers a wide portfolio of tools and systems in order to improve, check and enhance several areas, including CNS/ATM services.
We offer a deep working knowledge of the maintenance of CNS/ATM systems and equipments, and other airport gear, like airfield ground lighting.
Aena offers in-flight calibration service for ILS and other radio-aids systems.

CNS/ATM systems

We offer a wide portfolio of tools and systems in order to improve, check and enhance several areas:

  • Development of IP communications networks for ATC systems
  • Deployment of CNS systems
  • Deployment and certification of GBAS systems
  • Audits of CNS/ATM systems
  • Turnkey projects

CNS exploitation and maintenance

AENA has built a deep working knowledge of the CNS/ATM. Our engineering capabilities include:

  • Maintenance of CNS/ATM systems and equipment
  • Maintenance of other airport equipment, such as airfield ground lighting
  • In-flight calibration service for instrument landing system (ILS) and other radio-aids systems

ATC consultancy

AENA consultancy is managed in close collaboration with INECO, offering:

  • Capacity planning and studies
  • Airspace design
  • Capacity studies
  • Strategy planning, air navigation master plans
  • Technology and project consultancy
  • Safety management
  • Operational change management, safety and human factors and operational systems optimisation

Aeronautical information services

The Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) provides information on services, facilities, regulations and procedures affecting air operations in Spanish airspace, in order to assure security, regularity and efficiency.

We can do an outsourcing service to provide cartography services, concerning digital aeronautical charts based on geographic information systems (GIS), not only as an effective management and operation system for the aeronautical information, but also assistance for the optimal transition into the digital model (AIS to AIM transition).

For NOTAM management and pre-flight bulletins, our native ICARO system provides state-of-the-art equipment and software. Finally, Aena’s AIS office is the exclusive European sales office for ICAO documents.

About Aena

Our airport network currently consist of 47 airports and two heliports in Spain run by newly Aena Aeropuertos, S.A., and 27 airports in the rest of the world run by Aena Aeropuertos Internacional, S.A., both of which are 100% Aena owned.

Aena has a permanent shareholding in several companies in the European aeronautical environment; these include:

Ingeniería y Economía del Transporte, S.A. (INECO)

This is a state company in which Aena has a 45.85% holding. Its mission is to satisfy shareholders and customers by means of a comprehensive range of products and services for transport engineering and consultancy.

Centro de Referencia Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación ATM (CRIDA)

Aena led the creation of the Reference Centre for ATM Research, Development and Innovation, (CRIDA) for air traffic control, constituted by Aena (66%), Ineco (17%) and the Polytechnic University of Madrid (17%). Its line of business is consulting and engineering projects in the fields of economic and corporate studies industrial, civil and environmental engineering, concerning transport and its infrastructure.

European satellite services provider (ESSP)

The main purpose of the ESSP is to deploy contracts with the European Commission (signed 2009) that entitles the company to become the EGNOS system operator and EGNOS Service provider. Open service, safety-of-life service and EDAS service. Aena has 16.67% holding.

GroupEAD Europe S.L.

Aena owned also a 36% of this aeronautical information service provider`, which target is to provide a centralized reference database of quality-assured aeronautical information for airspace users, and an integrated AIS solution for service providers, all over EUROCONTROL Member States.

Aena has had a major influence on the development of the Spanish aviation industry and has created a proven range of products, like SACTA or ICARO systems offered through a clear portfolio of services:

  • Aeronautical consulting in air traffic control and airports
  • Operations
  • CNS/ATM systems
  • ATC consultancy
  • CNS exploitation and maintenance
  • Aeronautical information services