German ATC expert COMSOFT has been selected to perform the update of EUROCONTROL’s eAIP core and extended toolbox. Moreover, the eAIP Editor’s and User’s manuals will be updated and eAIP sample files will be provided.

eAIP is the solution for the publication of AIP contents in structured electronic format and it is one of the pivotal steps in ICAO’s roadmap for the transition from AIS to AIM. The updated toolbox will contain operationally important enhancements such as the production of bilingual AIP and the inclusion of additional functionality as required by EUROCONTROL’s latest eAIP Specification. This will put the toolbox in compliance with ICAO Annex 15 Amendment 36 and Document 8126 Amendment 2.

The toolbox update will be conducted in close cooperation with COMSOFT’s long-term business partner Synclude who has been developing the eAIP specification for EUROCONTROL since 2001. COMSOFT and Synclude have jointly pioneered in the implementation of fully integrated AIM solutions based on the latest and seminal AIXM 5.1 standard.

In September 2010, COMSOFT provided the first operational AIXM 5.1 based eAIP system worldwide for Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS).