Comsoft Solutions will supply the Eurocontrol Network Manager with ETFMS entry nodes for Casablanca in Morocco, Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Riga in Latvia to facilitate improved efficiency and help these states to better manage air traffic volumes.

The Network Manager (previously known as the Central Flow Management Unit – CFMU) has developed and run ETFMS since 2000 with Comsoft Solutions acting as its supplier and service provider.

ETFMS contributes to improved accuracy and better predictability of air traffic in European airspace by correlating the most up-to-date air traffic position data together with flight plan data.

It allows a more accurate depiction of the air traffic situation to be sent to the Network Manager. This significantly increases the precision of traffic prediction by transmitting real-time knowledge of both the current and expected air traffic situation.

Eurocontrol Network Manager head of network operations Brian Flynn observed: “Comsoft Solutions is supporting the Network Manager’s goals for improved airspace efficiency. ETFMS is a key enabler of the air traffic flow and capacity management (ATFCM) services and with the implementation of these two further nodes, we mark another step towards enhanced airspace operations.”

With the ETFMS Entry Node, airspace users will benefit from improved real-time availability, a reduction in delays, lower overall operational costs for airlines and environmental benefits through reduced emissions.

Reducing aviation’s environmental footprint is another example of forward thinking technology from the Network Manager in delivering environmental best practices to the industry.

Comsoft Solutions surveillance business unit staff Herman Brudger explains: “The Network Manager in Brussels collects correlated data for flights throughout Europe and creates more accurate traffic reports in order to balance capacity and demand. Each Entry Node plays a pivotal role in collecting and forwarding data from air traffic control centres all over Europe and distributing the processed data back to the ANSPs.”

The proven benefits for the community of airspace users led to the continuous expansion of the ETFMS Entry Node network. To date, 35 countries, including Morocco, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Latvia, have joined the ETFMS programme, which totals 56 systems.