The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has awarded Comsoft a contract to perform ADS-B roll-out for 14 sites across India.

Out of a prominent list of competitors, AAI has selected the German surveillance expert Comsoft to perform ADS-B installations across India, as well as throughout the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. From March 2012 onwards a network of 14 ground stations will be distributed across the south Asian country delivering air surveillance in non-radar air space.

14 national and international airports in the north, south, east and west are equipped with two sensors each in dual-redundant configuration, delivering target information to the individually linked ATC automation system. Including ADS-B technology in the surveillance strategy will increase efficiency and safety in all operational procedures, and will supplement the radar coverage which is restricted by terrain and obstacles.

No-maintenance, high reliability and performance were key aspects of the chosen system, which are offered by Comsoft’s unique ground station design. Both a local and a central monitoring and control system are integrated allowing for remote status monitoring and maintenance.

Comsoft’s Quadrant is the core module of each ground station, offering a high performance RF front-end combined with advanced signal processing techniques. Its excellent long-range performance makes it ideally suited to the operational requirements. Quadrant generally exceeds a range of 250 NM.