After 14 years of highly reliable operation, the LVNL decided to base their future national and international messaging system AMADEUS for AFTN/CIDIN and AMHS traffic on the AIDA-NG, the Next Generation of their current AFTN/CIDIN switch from COMSOFT.
For COMSOFT the LVNL has been a valued, long-time customer – back in 1993 the Dutch administration purchased COMSOFT’s first message handling system AIDA.

After five years of operation the head of the CIDIN/AFTN centre René Wagner stated: “Although the traffic has increased substantially in the last five and a half years the system’s performance is still good. In support questions COMSOFT is always reachable for us and willing to help us if needed.”

Despite the flawless operation and the system’s ability for continuous enhancements to meet manifold needs in the course of its life, LVNL, being a strong supporter of innovative solutions, decided to modernize the existing AFTN/CIDIN system and deploy the new extended service AMHS technology based on the X.400 messaging standard.

The LVNL can now trust again in COMSOFT’s long-time expertise in this field. COMSOFT will make certain that LVNL not only receives a system in accordance with their high expectations especially in terms of system performance, reliability and interoperability, but which also reflects again their specific operational concepts they came to appreciate.

COMSOFT is proud that also LVNL now has joined the circle of ANSPs on the verge of AMHS.