Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency opts for COMSOFT’s leading FPL converter technology. Having selected COMSOFT as their partner to supply SMATSA (Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency) with its leading flight plan converter technology, the ANSP is now all set for the new ICAO flight plan format.

After a very short implementation phase SMATSA has approved site acceptance for the operation of the flight plan converter and is ready for the transition effective as of 15 November 2012. The ANSP has been very successfully using two AFTN/AMHS nodes of COMSOFT’s leading AIDA-NG product for the transmission of flight plans and other ATC-related messages for several years.

COMSOFT supplied its elaborate converter product AIDA-FPL as a complementary software module for the central AFTN/AMHS switches to ensure the compatibility of end-systems such as the Flight Data Processing System with the new flight plan format. The upgrade allows SMATSA to save the extensive investment costs for the adaptation of their existing end systems to the new format.

Flight plan converters- as many other systems related to flight plan handling – are sensitive to flight safety. COMSOFT therefore developed AIDA-FPL as a specialized gateway based on the company’s proven aeronautical messaging gateway AIDA-NG. AIDA-NG has already shown its compliance with the strict EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirements (ESARR) in numerous safety critical environments and is in operation as a national AFTN/AMHS/OLDI gateway in nearly all leading aeronautical communication centers in the world.

Moreover, AIDA-FPL has been integrated with Flight Data Processing Systems of various manufacturers and has proven its versatility in adapting to the peculiarities of these end systems.