Swanwick, UK – NATS’ key supplier COMSOFT are due to complete the replacement and rationalisation of the entire ERCAMS network nodes in June and updated all centres and the Mode S radar equipment.

This challenging three-phase project was conducted within NATS’ infrastructure programme and supplements last year’s ERCAMS II project, implementing new technology. ERCAMS II is also being carried out by COMSOFT. This year’s sustainment project was contracted and commenced in autumn 2007 and has delivered hardware and software updates for all six ERCAMS network nodes, the total of five centres and for nine Mode S radars’ CMS installations.

ERCAMS is the advanced supervision system for the whole of the surveillance infrastructure of NATS, based on COMSOFT’s product CMS/XA, monitoring 22 en-route radar stations throughout the UK. Operational since 2000, the system provides centralized remote control and monitoring functionalities and will remain operational until 2015.

COMSOFT is a supplier to NATS since 1993 and has been active in the ATC domain for more than 20 years now, having gained a worldwide reputation in this market.