Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) have marked completion of their ambitious ATC modernisation at a technology seminar to highlight the benefits of advanced ATM for Africa, as Tanzania become one of the still few African countries to use precise yet cost-effective ADS-B surveillance, while at the same time revolutionising the way they will transmit flight plans and aeronautical data in the future with AMHS.

TCAA have been expertly preparing themselves for future air traffic management demands with the parallel installation of COMSOFT’s market-leading AIDA-NG aeronautical message handling solution and advanced ADSB surveillance system Quadrant, with superior features over conventional radar. The completion of this commendable, dual project will thus mark a huge milestone for Tanzania once put into operation.

"There is now a unique opportunity to take African aviation to the next level."

The extraordinary range of COMSOFT’s Quadrant ADS-B sensors now allow Tanzania to provide precise tracking over landscape including highlands, a central plateau, mountainous areas – with Mount Kilimanjaro its highest peak – swamps and the archipelago of Zanzibar. A lightweight and cost-efficient alternative to conventional radar, it is perfectly suited for the African country due to zero maintenance needs and low power consumption of the remote ground-stations.

ATC experts from neighbouring countries were invited to attend the African Technology Seminar, organised by COMSOFT with support from TCAA, in order to showcase the state-of-the-art message handling and surveillance solutions, while the latest developments ready for African air traffic control were also conveyed.

Seminar highlights included a tape-cutting ceremony for the TCAA system, with TCAA director General Mr Chacha, a presentation by EUROCONTROL’s director CRCO (Central Route Charges Office) Adriaan Heerbaart, while COMSOFT and Skyguide presented Managed Services in the aeronautical domain. A local Gala dinner and concert with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Big Band from Germany also provided an ideal interlude to the event.

Technical and operational aspects of the latest developments in ATM technology were also on the agenda, and presentations on advanced ATM automation concepts, modern ADS-B and WAM surveillance technology, aeronautical communications including VSAT operations and concepts to efficiently facilitate the ICAO roadmap AIS to AIM.

ADS-B is noted by ICAO as a key product for future ATM surveillance and Tanzania have completed huge landmark in their goal for increased flight safety. Just last week in Zambia, the CANSO Africa conference highlighted the need for ATM modernisation across Africa and CANSO director general Jeff Poole, declared: "There is now a unique opportunity to take African aviation to the next level."

Challenges for Africa were also highlighted last year as insufficient funds for acquisitions and inadequate surveillance and communication systems, among other adversities – confirming the benefit that modern, non-radar based surveillance systems, can have for the region.

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