Warsaw, Poland – The modern surveillance data network of the Polish Air Navigation Service Agency (PANSA) based on advanced COMSOFT surveillance communication technology has already proven its excellence in operational service for several months.

This country-spanning architecture is primarily used for civil purposes and is made up of two isolated underlying IP-based networks, so as to ensure an ultimate degree of availability and service continuity.

The central communication nodes of the redundant network are located at the major sites: Warsaw, Katowice, Gdansk and Poznan. Local surveillance data is collected, enhanced, processed and exchanged between the sites catering for the nationwide access to high-quality surveillance data in real-time, in the requested form, at any time and any point within the country.

The core component of this intelligent, service-oriented surveillance network is COMSOFT’s RMCDE and the RMCDS, which have been deployed in many similar projects such as the European RADNET, or the radar network of the UK. RMCDE was developed on behalf of EUROCONTROL in 1990 and is installed in around 30 ATC centres throughout Europe.

The RMCDE and RMCDS are unrivalled products and have an unbroken track record of success lasting more than 20 years. They have excelled through an unbeaten degree of functionality addressing diverse surveillance needs and pairing field proven robustness with reliability. There is no other product on the market which can offer such a high level of support guarantee and investment security.

The PRANET project manager, Robert Parys of PANSA, states his opinion: “We are delighted with the excellence of the products, the professionalism and customer orientation of the staff, and their responsiveness.”