EUROCONTROL and Comsoft Solutions are adding new functionality to ARTAS in order to increase system capacity and integrate advanced functions beneficial for current and future ATS demands.

Comsoft Solutions has been EUROCONTROL’s Industrial Partner for ARTAS maintenance and support since 2001 and is also a turnkey supplier of ARTAS systems. ARTAS is an ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server which, over many years and continuous improvements, became the most deployed Tracker in Europe and one of the most advanced and mature surveillance data processing systems worldwide.

With the new developments, the nominal capacity of 48 sensors and 4,096 system tracks can be increased (subject to validation) up to 255 sensors and 32,000 system tracks. ARTAS can therefore cater for bigger airspace capacity and area-specific configuration parameters to enable its customisation for different areas of ARTAS’ domain of interest. A prototype, based on V8B4, will also integrate surface movement tracking functionality for ground control systems, an important step towards seamless gate to gate tracking.

Developed by EUROCONTROL on behalf of their member states, ARTAS applies the latest multi sensor tracking technology to deliver an outstanding level of accuracy and reliability using PSR, SSR, Mode-S, ADS-B and multilateration surveillance sources. The ability of ARTAS to act as an enabler for ADS-B and multilateration makes it an important technology for the future of air traffic management.