The Civil Aviation Authority of Venezuela, Instituto Nacional de Aeronáutica Civil (INAC), has contracted COMSOFT Solutions to deliver and install an Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) solution based on their market-leading product AIDA-NG in order to transform the way in which they transmit messages and aeronautical data.

The delivery includes a central and highly redundant AMHS node at the ATC in Maiquetía, and more than 200 AMHS terminals nationwide, as well as central network monitoring for the whole system. Additionally, a new test and training system will allow INAC to set up and simulate or reproduce different operational scenarios and thus continuously improve the quality of their messaging services.

The message handling system in Maiquetía, Venezuela plays a central role for the SAM region, because it is one of the inter-regional-gateways to North America, the Caribbean and Europe. The new system to be provided by COMSOFT Solutions will replace the current AFTN / AMHS system and provide INAC with modern technology with the best performance and reliability on the market.

The redundant aeronautical message handling system includes ATS Message Server (AMHS), AFTN switch, and AFTN/AMHS Gateway. The addition of COMSOFT Solutions’ user terminal CADAS-ATS also supports the operation of AFTN client terminals and AMHS User Agent client terminals in parallel allowing a smooth transition from AFTN to AMHS.

The VE-AMHS system will also be equipped with a remote access router for remote maintenance purposes. As a first step, COMSOFT delivered and commissioned an intermediate AFTN / AMHS node in the INAC environment.

All adjacent COM Centres as well as the existing INAC ATM end system / users could be seamlessly integrated with COMSOFT Solutions’ AFTN / AMHS switch AIDA-NG showing again the utmost flexibility as well as customisation ability inherent to the AIDA-NG product.

AIDA-NG can handle a nearly unlimited number of connections via various serial lines or LAN. The number of connections is not limited by software but only depends on the available system resources. Colombia and Peru also operate COMSOFT Solutions AIDA-NG, making Venezuela the third country in the SAM region to place its trust in AIDA-NG as their core messaging handling system.

COMSOFT Solutions AMHS product AIDA-NG will be on display at World ATM Congress, March 7-9 stand number 1135.