Comsoft Solutions will provide Estonia with a SWIM-ready AIM solution facilitating the next steps in the ICAO AIS to AIM roadmap.

Estonian Air Navigation Services EANS has awarded Comsoft Solutions with a complete AIM upgrade project for their AIM installation, implementing further steps of the ICAO AIS to AIM Roadmap including digital NOTAM.

EANS has been operating the German experts CADAS AIM solution since 2009 and the scope of the upgrade project comprises four major components within the next 18 months, covering ADQ compliant data management including data origination, workflow management, enhanced GIS capabilities, and digital NOTAM.

Using the newest version of Comsoft Solutions’ AIXM 5.1 database, CADAS-AIMDB, EANS will benefit from enhanced AIXM 5.1 data management capabilities fully integrated with smartWFM workflow management sub-system from Frequentis.

While the workflow management system will enable EANS to implement integrated AIM workflows in line with their quality management system and ADQ regulations, the enhanced AIXM 5.1 data management will include dynamic data, advancing leveraging the digital NOTAM concept, fully in line with the ICAO AIS to AIM Roadmap. SWIM-compliant interfaces will enable digital Aeronautical data exchange of static and dynamic data, both in AIXM 5.1 data format.

EANS manages both domestic and international air traffic in Tallinn Flight Information Region, covering the airspace over Estonian territory and adjacent areas over high seas. In 2015 EANS also contracted the German expert for the supply of EUROCONTROL’s ARTAS Tracker, its Network Management System (CNMS), and its next generation of Surveillance Data Distribution System (SDDS-NG). The need for a fully integrated AIM solution prepares them for the future demands of their service.

Comsoft Solutions AIM products will be on display at WATM Congress in Madrid from 7-9 March, stand number 1135, while complementary solutions within the Frequentis Group will be at stand number 526. Ask a member of our team how Comsoft Solutions can benefit your business.