Estonian Air Navigation Service (EANS) and COMSOFT have signed acceptance certificates for their new electronic AIP (eAIP) solution featuring COMSOFT’s fully fledged AIXM 5.1 database CADAS-AIMDB and Synclude’s eAIP production system GroupVerve AIS.

After the implementation in Tallinn in spring 2010 EANS will operate the first fully featured AIXM 5.1 installation worldwide.

This modern approach implements an EAD system interface (ESI) which allows for the establishment of a direct connection with the European AIS Database (EAD) and further incorporates an integrated module performing the essential conversion from AIXM version 5.1 to 4.5.

Upon installation in Tallinn the new system will serve as the master database for all national aeronautical data including Obstacles (eTOD). Static AIXM 5.1 data will be uploaded to EAD after its conversion as well as eAIS packages created by GroupVerve.