The Finish air navigation service provider and airport operator Finavia has ordered a total of 39 of COMSOFT’s Quadrant ADS-B sensors and 12 transmitters, to cover approximately one quarter of Finland. Among the competitors, Comsoft was chosen as the one to best fulfil the high requirements on redundancy by means of comparatively few sensors.

Comsoft’s Quadrant ADS-B sensor is ultra-compact and unrivalled in its range, which exceeds 300 NM. In Multi-lateration use the potential of the sensor can be fully exploited, providing superior range over secondary radar with higher accuracy at significantly lower costs. Complex surveillance tasks can be performed in areas lacking all-encompassing coverage.

The overall project further includes the implementation of an ARTAS tracker at Helsinki-Vantaa airport to fuse the disparate surveillance sources into one coherent air situation picture, as well as the delivery of the Comsoft radar monitoring display (RMD) as independent surveillance display, and the universal monitoring enhanced supervision management system (ESMS). For the harmonisation of all components the installations go hand in hand and will be completed according to schedule by the end of the year.

The successive coverage of the entire country is to take place by establishing three additional WAM system installations in central, northern and eastern Finland.