COMSOFT have completed the prestigious MEVA-III VSAT project, providing a regional VSAT network for 15 ANSPs at 18 sites in the Caribbean, as well as Latin, Central and North America, allowing for a new and more efficient communication system, using the latest VSAT technology, SykWAN, from long term partner ND SatCom.

ND SatCom´s SkyWAN VSAT technology is a modern and advanced system for establishing wide area networks in the CNS/ATM domain and as a turnkey supplier and system integrator COMSOFT was able to ensure the timely project delivery using their skills and expert knowledge of data and voice communication technology.

ND SatCom and COMSOFT entered into a close working relationship for VSAT communication network solutions over five years ago and this strong collaboration benefited the ICAO MEVA-III project from the start.

The VSAT network for MEVA has been formed of a VSAT Modem IDU 7000 at the Master, located in Atlanta, and Backup-Master in Miami, and SkyWAN IDU 2570 on the remote sites, along with 3.8m Antennas. Dual redundancy also provides the highest reliability with all responsible components for network communication available twice in every station.

The MEVA-III VSAT project is an important part of the ICAO’s efforts in the Caribbean to create a phased transition from legacy communication technology, allowing for new and improved protocols to increase the efficiency of communications.

MEVA, from the Spanish word ‘Mejoras a los Enlaces de Voz ATS’, stands for the improvement of the ATS voice connection and also forms part of the Regional CNS/ATM plan to use a satellite-based telecommunication network as the basis for implementing other elements of the strategy including CPDLC, radar data sharing, the use of ADS-B, and other ATN applications.

COMSOFT’s satellite division (CSS) provides customers with secure and economic satellite solutions from one single source, to ensure the perfect and tailored solution.