Building on the 2016 launch of the Quadrant starter kit, Comsoft Solutions has launched an enhanced all-in-one-box solution to now include RAPS-3 functionality for analysis, testing and validation of surveillance sources.

The Tactically Enhanced Surveillance Sensor (TESS) kit, reduces the timeframe between a faulty or broken surveillance infrastructure and an operationally ready mobile tower, minimising the high stress period of procedural control. The enhanced kit combines seamless ADS-B surveillance coverage with a superior surveillance data tool, and integrated air situation display and will be on display at World ATM congress in Madrid from 7-9 March 2017.

TESS can be deployed anywhere in the world within 24 hours, is transportable as checked-in luggage and can be operational within 15 minutes of unloading – making it perfect for time critical situations and reducing the time without sufficient surveillance. The ADS-B sensor can also feed surveillance data directly into the ANSPs surveillance data network. There are two initial use cases where this solution can come into play;

  • Fast provision of a common situational awareness picture, essential for reducing the risk of a safety infringement. The Quadrant ADS-B sensor closes the surveillance gap quickly, allowing the operator to provide safe and orderly guidance for aircraft
  • In the event of SSR failure, RAPS-3 – a powerful and versatile toolset for analysis, testing and validation – can be connected to the faulty surveillance source and provide analysis and performance reports to ensure fast root cause analysis and a safe re-commissioning of the faulty sensor.

With the inclusion of Quadrant, ADS-B and MLAT are provided on a single hardware platform. Quadrant uses advanced algorithms to provide independent, genuine 3D, position measurement using multilateration techniques.

With more than 100 RAPS-3, 300 Quadrant ADS-B sensors and over 100 surveillance displays currently in operation in various applications around the world this is a proven solution you can trust to fulfil civil and military operational requirements.

Comsoft Solutions purpose-built kit is not a requirement for every customer, however individual products are also available to suit specific customer needs.

For more information, visit Comsoft.