Luxembourg – The AAL, a long-time customer of the German ATC supplier COMSOFT, have acquired RAPS-3 in order to analyse and record the soaring surveillance data emergence due to increased traffic volumes. The system was commissioned, including training, before the summer peak.

RAPS is a powerful and versatile toolset to test, analyse and validate any kind of surveillance data, available in a classic and a ruggedised military version. Being the world’s first officially qualified reference product for the emerging ASTERIX standard, the system has become increasingly popular among ANSPs and ATCCs.

The product allows multi-channel recording and playback of a wide range of radar formats and protocols, facilitating its use in various local environments. It provides highly sophisticated and flexible functions for filtering, format-sensitive analysis, visualisation and test-data generation. In addition to radars it also supports ADS-B and multilateration sensors.

The AAL has been a COMSOFT customer since the early 1990s, hosting an RMCDE Radnet node. Now the new RAPS-3 system has been introduced to record ASTERIX data from any available interfaces. Furthermore, its users can test and analyse their Mode S radars with an unprecedented level of comfort. Apart from RAPS-3, this airport administration also employs combined voice and data recording as well as display systems from the German manufacturer. In the past they also obtained consulting advice in safety management issues from a COMSOFT business unit, addressing this increasingly crucial topic on the agenda of many ANSPs.