Taipei’s flight information region is now covered by advanced ADS-B technology from German surveillance expert COMSOFT.

The Air Navigation and Weather Services (ANWS) of the Civil Aeronautics Administration of the Republic of China contracted COMSOFT for the provision of a comprehensive ADS-B network for improved ATC services. Now, half a dozen redundant Quadrant ADS-B ground stations and eight complimentary QCMS systems for monitoring and control of all sites in Taiwan have been taken into operational service.

Due to Taiwan’s particular geographical characteristics ANWS decided on implementing ADS-B as an additional surveillance method. The aim was to enhance the overall quality of air traffic services in the Taipei flight information region.

Aircraft equipped with ADS-B automatically broadcast their identity, position, altitude, speed and other parameters at half-second intervals. Air traffic controllers immediately see the information on their screens. The result is a functionality similar to SSR, but with higher accuracy.