A new cost-effective access to ATC services has been taken into operation by QCAA. Alongside with their state-of-the art AMHS and AIM infrastructure QCAA has taken a sophisticated email and internet solution into operation enabling end users and administrators to access the respective services in an easy and cost-efficient way.

Connecting air traffic control systems to the public internet is always subject to the highest security demands. This is why QCAA entered collaboration with COMSOFT, a qualified expert with long-time experience and profound know-how in aeronautical messaging and information services as well as internet and network security solutions.

Within the framework of this project, COMSOFT has delivered high quality network and firewall components as well as email and web access solutions of its Internet Security Appliance product portfolio, all of which have been seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure.

In addition to the use of the internet access for the exchange of AFTN and AMHS messages via email, the mature system also effects immediate and reliable status reporting of QCAA’s operational systems via email and SMS text messages to the administrators. This solution will also be used for common office and control center communications.

The component based CISECA solution (Comsoft Internet SECurity Appliance) is already well prepared for any future extensions such as the safe access via internet to the AIS briefing services of QCAA.