Early this month the Egyptian air navigation service provider NANSC signed a contract in Cairo with the German ATC/ATM supplier COMSOFT for the provision of an AFTN/CIDIN/AMHS solution. Preparations are already underway as the contractor seeks for an expeditious cut-over.

The communication centre in Cairo is considered the central aeronautical communications hub connecting the European, North-African and Middle East region. The North-African ANSP ordered COMSOFT’s superior message handling system AIDA-NG as a gateway between AFTN, CIDIN and AMHS networks in full compliance with the
relevant ICAO standards. AMHS User Agents implemented by COMSOFT’s terminal solution CADAS and ATN directory servers will round-off
the installation at Cairo’s control centre.

Evolving to be the recognized expert since entering this market in 1993, COMSOFT’s AFTN/CIDIN/AMHS installations have convinced a growing number of ANSPs throughout the world to benefit from this experience.

COMSOFT is proud to have NANSC as a new member of the expanding user community in the Middle East.